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How to Achieve a Summer Body Glow

If you're like me and don’t love being in the sun or just can't achieve the summer glow you've been waiting for, then you're in the right place Beauty! Check out how I use our RCK Body Glow to quickly get a natural, glowly summer vibe even as we are approaching Fall.


The first step to using our RCK Body Glow is to find the shade that's right for you. On this particular day, I did not want my skin tone to appear any darker, but just to glow when the sun hits it. For this look, I used the Universal shade. When I am looking to appear tanner than I really am I will mix a pump of the shade Sunkissed to Universal. If you have a deeper skin tone, try the shade Bronzed.



Found your perfect body glow? It's time to apply! Evenly massage the RCK Body Glow into your skin. You will immediately see that this glow applies as smooth as lotion. You can use a damp towel to apply it if you don't want to worry about your hands, just make sure to get an even application. A large buffing brush works great to apply RCK to the shoulders, arms, and decolletage. 

More than just illuminating the skin and drowning out imperfections,RCK  is actually good for your skin. You can find ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, and Allantoin all working together to protect and moisturize the skin, while you are getting a glowy, highlighted finish.



The most important step when using RCK Body Glow is to LET. IT. DRY. As I said, this smooth body glow applies like a lotion and needs about 5 minutes to set in completely. This will ensure that the product will not transfer. Just don't get it wet! Also, there’s no need to apply any lotions beforehand. RCK will keep your skin hydrated, plus the layering of other products may cause it to transfer.

I promise once you get your hands on this product you will fall in love! Have fun with this product, Beauty. If you've tried RCK, let us know in the comments what you think.



Written by: Rachel Fleischman


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