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How to achieve 'Glowing Skin'


At OFRA you know we are all about that GLOW! So you can be sure we got you covered if you are trying to achieve Glowing/Glass Skin. For this type of look, it is important to make sure you help your skin bring out its natural glow with the proper skin care regimen followed by a couple of enhancements that will take your natural glow to a whole other level. Here's a step by step guide on how to get your skin glowing from A to Beam.




Skin Care

Before any type of glam, you want to make sure that your skin is cleaned and prepped. You can start by using our Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser that will gently wipe away dirt, oil, and skin impurities to uncover a glowy complexion. Next, you can follow up with our wonderful skin care products such as our Revitalizing Toner to remove any leftover impurities, B5 Serum for a splash of hydration, Advanced Vitamin C Cream which helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and top it off with the Peptide Brightening Mask to bring out your natural radiance. All of these products will help your skin get quenched with moisture and antioxidants that give your skin some serious TLC! 



When it comes to glowy skin, less is definitely more. Now that your skin is clean, prepped and naturally radiant, we can go ahead and amp up this glowy skin look with some of our favorite glow-boosters. Here are a couple of products and tips on how to use them for the ultimate #OFRAglow:

  1. Northern Lights Primer, this soft-focus primer will diffuse imperfections and dry down as a satin finish for a smooth base.

  2. Feel free to correct any blemish or uneven skin tone with our Derma Tones Wheel for anything that needs a little extra coverage because foundation you might want to skip foundation for this look so that the natural radiance can come through.

  3. If you want more coverage but still want that glowy skin effect, we recommend adding a few drops of RCK into your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer for more luminosity.

  4. Contouring is essential to create dimension on the face, for this step our Sculpting Wands will do the trick.

  5. Use our Pro Blush Palette to add a pop of color to your cheeks, this will accentuate a natural flush on the apple of your cheekbones. When blending, make sure you start at the apples and blend upward toward your temples. Since we are going for a natural glow, you can use the same blush shade and apply it to your eye crease to warm up your look and bring out your beautiful eye color.

  6. Don't forget to apply a bit more glow on your cheeks with any of our Highlighters such as Cloud 9 for a pink-to-peach duo-chrome highlight or our Loose Shimmer, Cheeky.

  7. Time to lock in this glowing skin look with any of your favorite setting products. If you like to set with powder, I totally recommend using our Translucent Highlighting Luxury Powder. If you are more of a spray-to-set type of gal, you should definitely use our Rodeo Drive Face & Body Mist for a non-stop glow.

  8. Don't you forget those lips! My favorite natural lip combo has to be our Mauve Lip Liner topped with the Rodeo Drive Lip Gloss. However, you can always pop on a lip plumping clear gloss or your favorite lip hydrator to wrap up your glowing skin look.




And just like that, your skin is ready to glow brighter than the sun, all while looking radiant and naturally stunning. From skin care to makeup our products are sure to help you achieve the 'Glowing Skin' look. We would love to see your glowy skin routine, don't forget to tag #OFRAbauties, we'll be on the lookout!









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