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More than 2 million people have RSVP’d to a FaceBook event to Storm Area 51 this upcoming September in Nevada to find out if aliens and UFOs exist. We are not so sure if we are going to make it to the raid, but we know what kind of makeup we would wear if we did! So, whether you are spotting UFOs or going out into the universe, keep reading to find out how our latest Area 51 essentials can help you Beauties blend right in.

We Come in Peace

No need to break into Area 51 to find out our products are out of this world, but if you’re still wondering, here’s what they look like!

Area 51 Lipset

You won’t need 51 reasons to wear this trio of shade-shifting liquid lipsticks that are from this planet and beyond! 

Utopia Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick: A vibrant pink duo-chrome with a blue undertone and metallic finish.

Emerald City Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick: A triple-chrome that reflects green, gold and red pigments with a metallic finish.

Wonderland Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick: A triple-chrome that reflects green, gold and red pigments with a metallic finish.

Area 51 Highlighter

Neptune Highlighter: An icy lavender shade that will keep you glowing all throughout your alien adventures.

The Stormers and Their Abilities

Carine: The Mother of Aliens & The Ultimate Queen

Wearing Wonderland and Neptune

Mariela: The Empath Alien Queen

Wearing Emerald City and Neptune

Dani: The Ice Alien Queen

Wearing Wonderland and Neptune

Diana: The Telepathy Alien Queen

Wearing Wonderland and Neptune

Ashley: The Tinker Alien Queen

Wearing Emerald City and Neptune

Gia: The Technicolor Alien Queen

Wearing Utopia and Neptune

Leila: The Stellar Alien Queen

Wearing Wonderland and Neptune

Official Leaked Image from Area 51

It was so much fun creating these looks, so now it’s your turn to show us what Area 51 inspired makeup looks you can create with these goodies!

Written by Mariela Aguilar


  • I am so excited for this!! The colors are beautiful and the looks are so inspiring and look beautiful. I love seeing makeup looks that are achievable for the average alien, I mean, Earth woman XD and could work for everyday, not just IG posts. Thank you and I cannot wait to get my Area 51 products to beam me across the universe.

    Leigh on

  • This is definitely an out of this world collection. We’re ready for Area 51 :-)

    ashley on

  • What cute looks! I love the originality behind this collection!!

    Marcela on

  • Quite possibly my favorite launch this year!!! My Aquarius alien self is loving it

    Dani on

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