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My Top 5 Dry Skin Saviors


Once the temperatures drop below 50 degrees (which it actually has been in FL- surprise surprise!), let just say my skin needs more than a little help. My skin is very dry and I’m prone to hyperpigmentation. These five goodies keep my skin moisturized for our brief winter and all year long.

1. Hydra-Nourishing Body Lotion

My first go to is the Hydra-Nourishing Lotion. This is my holy-grail lotion because not only does it keep me from being super dry and ashy, it's also thick enough to lock in moisture without leaving me feeling greasy. It also has a pleasant scent that’s not overpowering.

2. Moisture Repair Mask

My second essential is the Moisture Repair Mask. This mask is perfect for prepping the skin right before any makeup application. It gives the right amount of hydration before applying foundation or concealer.

 3 & 4. 2Phase Makeup Remover & Cleanse It Off Wipes

The third and fourth must-haves are the 2Phase Makeup Remover and the Cleanse It Off Wipes. Separately these items are great at removing makeup without stripping my skin of the little moisture I have, but together, these two are unstoppable! I put the 2Phase Makeup Remover on a Cleanse It Off Wipe and all my makeup comes off. This duo is also great for correcting makeup mistakes without messing up your skin prep for foundation and concealer.

5. Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser

My fifth and final goodie for winter is the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser. This is my absolute favorite cleanser year-round. I love it especially for the winter because it removes all the impurities from my face without drying me out. Also, the orange scent reminds me of a warm day in the summer.


These five goodies keep my skin radiant and moisturized even as "Winter is Coming" and going. If you have dry skin like mine, during the colder months it's extra important to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize as the cold dry air can be very harsh. The best part of OFRA skin care? We are vegan and cruelty-free company and use no animal byproducts including beeswax (found in many moisturizers). I hope my 5 winter essentials for dry skin keep your skin soft and hydrated all season long! Let me know in the comments some of your favorite OFRA skin care.


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