How to Convert Any Eye Look to Fit Your Eye Shape

Posted on 30 November 2017

Hooded, rounded, mono-lid, almond: these are just a few of the many different eye shapes that exist. It’s crazy to think that there are so many different eye shapes, but these differences make makeup even more exciting and dynamic because it allows us all to customize looks in order to make them our own. With that in mind, have you ever watched a tutorial, followed it step-by-step, and have it come out looking a little off, even though you’ve technically done the look correctly? This may be because the guru doing the tutorial has a different eye shape for you. Here are some tips and tricks for each different eye shape that will help you to adjust any look to flatter your eyes.



Tip- Never put shimmery shades in the crease: You may have heard this tip before, but it’s especially important to follow for hooded eyes because applying a shimmery shade will highlight the hood of your eye, taking the focus away from the lid.


Tip- Avoid harsh liner: As much fun as it is to use liquid liner, it ends up making the eyes look smaller, and hooded eyes have very limited lid space as is.


Tip- Make sure your eyeshadow isn’t creasing: No one wants an eyeshadow that creases, but hooded lids create more folds in the eye, increasing the chance of your eyeshadows creasing.



Tip- Create Dimension on the Lid: Monolid eyes typically have a more flattened appearance, so to shape the eyes, you’ll need to define the crease, outer, and inner corner. Unlike hooded eyes, feel free to use shimmery shades all over the lid.


Tip-Define the Cheekbones: Believe it or not, creating dimension on the face will also help to sculpt and define the eyes.


Tip- Add extra volume to your lashes: Who doesn’t want full lashes? The cool thing about this step is that you don’t even need to add mascara…

  • Trick- Tightline your eyes (run a pencil on your upper waterline, just below the lashes).
  • Product to Use- OFRA Eyeliner Pencil



Tip- Elongate the eyes: Almond and rounded eyes focus the attention around the center of the eye, so adding interest on the outer corner will help to draw out the eye. This tip will also work if your eyes are Wide-Set or Downturned


Tip- Bring Attention to the Browbone and Inner Corner: Once again, the focus for these eye shapes centers around the center of the eye, so bringing attention to other areas of the eye will balance it.


Tip- Concentrate the Color: Keeping the color away from the lid and focused on the crease will make your eyes pop.

  • Trick- Use a smaller, flattened blending brush and the main color of your look in the crease.
  • Product to Use- OFRA Brush #3 and OFRA Eyeshadow (You can buy the individual eyeshadow pans, eyeshadow palettes, or individual eyeshadows in a compact)

Which eye shape do you have?

Comment down below and also let us know if you’ve tried any of these tricks!

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