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How to Create Your Summer Beauty Regime

How to Create Your Summer Beauty Regime

Most of us are looking forward to hot summer days, soaking up some rays at the beach, enjoying a tropical vacation with loved ones and indulging in our favorite outdoor activities. A tan is a great way to show off our glowing skin but we need protection from sun damage as well.

It is a myth that you cannot get burned while wearing SPF! You can get too much sun with sunscreen if you only apply once and forget to reapply. UV rays are powerful this time of year so take precautions to keep your skin looking its best!

Here are six OFRA tips for making the most of summer while keeping your cool:

Prevent excess pigmentation. Have dark pigmentation that appears on your skin during sweltering summer? Try OFRA’s Advanced Formulated Vitamin C Cream with SPF that protects your skin from too much sun and reduces hyper pigmentation from excessive UV exposure. Your skin will look healthier and younger while minimizing dark spots. For maximum results, apply a serum first.

Be proactive about sun protection. No matter what level of “golden” you plan on achieving or the outdoor activities you have planned, apply a product with built-in sun protection every few hours and more often when swimming. You will lower the odds of damaging your beautiful skin while simultaneously hydrating it. Our quick one-step Sun Spray with SPF 30 is an easy solution to busy summer days. Remember to spray your scalp, the back of your knees and even the palms of your hands! It will not feel greasy and will give you superior sun protection.

Hydrate yourself. Your skin demands hydration during broiling weather so treat it well with our enriched Vitamin A&C Serum. You’ll be drenched in moisture with this serum that reduces blemishes and firms your neck and face. Also, drink your six to eight glasses of water a day!

Protect your lips. When you think of sun protection, you may not think of your lips. Keep your pout plump and hydrated with our Pure Vitamin E Lipstick that has a built-in natural sunscreen.

Get bronzed without sun. If you burn easily, have sensitive skin or don’t have time to lay out, a perfect, less damaging solution is to use OFRA’s Vitamin C Bronzer  -- not to be confused with self-tanning cream. Created in our laboratories, this vitamin enriched bronzer will give you gorgeous, healthy looking color for your face and body. It can be applied in layers to achieve your desired color level. Made with premier ingredients, it lasts beautifully for up to 12 hours, is hypoallergenic and is excellent for all skin types and skin tones.

Restore and rejuvenate. After the sun’s rays have relaxed you and the heat has drained your energy, use a cleanser and toner just before bedtime and apply a soothing cream like our Concentrated Restorative Night Cream. It has Vitamin C that will resurface your skin’s texture, reduce discoloration and reveal healthy, radiant skin. After one week of use you’ll notice an improvement in skin tone and texture.

A healthy and hydrated body starts on the inside so make sure you drink plenty of water and nourish yourself with lots fruits and veggies this summer. Let OFRA Cosmetics take care of the rest. Get started on your summer beauty regime now by clicking here! Enjoy, beauties!

And remember: 

What is your favorite summer beauty tip for staying hydrated on the outside while still having fun in the sun?
Comment below and tell us!

Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member


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