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How To Enhance Your Favorite Feature With The OFRA Social Media Team


With the rise of selfies, Instagram and Snapchat, we are constantly reminded that society wants us to look a certain way. Here at OFRA, we embrace what makes us unique and showcase these features! I headed to our Social Media Department to ask the ladies there what they love most about themselves and how they show it off! They've chosen two favorite features and talk about how they enhance them using OFRA.


“To enhance them on an everyday basis, I first exfoliate my lips with our Lip Exfoliator, I then add a touch of our Blissful Highlighter to my cupid's bow. Next I line my lips (not fill in) with our Mauve Lipliner and dab my finger over the line so it's not just a harsh line. I'll go over my lips with our Pure Vitamin E Lipstick , and add our Luminous Lips Lipgloss (Clear) just to the center of my lips for added definition.”


“If nothing else, I always have something on my lips. I love our lip liner in Spicy to even out my top lip and enhance the fullness of my bottom lip. I'll either finish it off with just some Mocha gloss on top or with one of my many favorite liquid lipsticks like Manila , Pasadena , Bel-Air , Hypno , Harlem .. there are so many!”


“I like to play them up by really enhancing my cupid's bow. The first thing I do is highlight my cupid's bow to really bring light to the top. I also love really taking my time when I go in with lipstick, to make my lips look SUPER defined and help them pop! One of my favorite tricks is to start by applying an "x" in the middle of my upper lip, and then build on the shape from there. When I am contouring my face, I shade a little right under my lower lip. It's crazy what a bit of contour can do to amp up your pout!”


“I love to use a pearly white eyeshadow (the shade that is in Everglow ) to highlight the inner corner of my eyes. By doing this it totally brings my eyes out more! Also, I always do a wing liner when I wear a full face of makeup which shapes my eyes!”



I use our Vitamin C Foaming Cleanser every morning and night! When my face starts acting up around my time of the month our Peptide Brightening Mask works like magic and just literally clears and brightens my whole skin up! If I have pesky pimples our Drying Lotion is legit a life saver!”



“I LOVE feathered brows . To achieve my go to feather brow look, I start by brushing through my brows and then I go through them with our Universal Eyebrow Pencil and use small quick strokes to create the natural feather effect starting at the bottom of my brows and working my way to the top. Lastly I'll brush through them again using our Brow brush from our Brush Set 7 Pieces . And there you have it, effortless feather brows!”



“I like to carve out my cheekbones more and contour my face- I cannot miss this step when doing my makeup! I prefer powder rather than cream, so I'll create a three shape on my face using the 3D Egyptian Clay Bronzer . Furthermore, I'll dip into some blush like our new Bellini blush, and swipe it onto the apples of my cheeks for a flush of color.”



“I recently started giving some love to my nose. I never really used to do much to it, but as the highlighting trend grew, I started to experiment. I always begin by lightly contouring the sides of my nose. I feel like the light shading helps it look defined and narrow. Once contoured, I highlight the bridge and the tip. Highlighting the point of your nose really brings light to the center of your face and adds to the " glowy goddess " look that everyone's chasing these days.”



We hope these tips and tricks inspired you to embrace your uniqueness! Let us know in the comments what your favorite feature is and how you enhance it!  


Written by Rachel Gootenberg



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