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How To: The OFRA X NikkieTutorials Collection


It's safe to say you're all LOVING the OFRA X NikkieTutorials Collection. After an intial sellout of the entire collection and a successful relaunch, the social team wanted to show you our go-to looks from the collection! We recently released all the collection items individually so you can pick and choose your favorites! There is so much versatility in this collaboration: Spell is a neon coral, Coven is a soft metallic brown, Nude Potion is the lightest pink-nude and Everglow is a multi-functional highlighter with three diverse shades. We're especially loving this collection for the upcoming summer season because it's glowy, bold and the perfect amount of sun-kissed for the warm months ahead. 

With summer approaching, it's time to start reintroducing brighter lip shades and the OFRA X NikkieTutorials "Spell" liquid lipstick was my weapon of choice. It is a neon coral-orange with a pink sheen, making it one of the most unique lip colors I have ever worn. "Spell" can be intimidating at first but I'll let you in on a tip: Apply a lip liner base first. I used our "Delicious Red" Lip Liner as my base, creating a warmer hue because it looks most flattering on me. Then, I popped "Spell" on top to add a bright sheen. The result was beautiful. 

I've been dying to try "Coven" on my eyes so I blended it all over the lid for a tame smokey eye. In keeping with the brown theme, I used Fixline Eyeliner in "Brown" to create a thin wing and coated my lashes with the HD Volumizing Mascara in "Black". I also added the copper shade in Everglow to my lids and continued to highlight the rest of my face with the two lightest shades. I even added a tiny bit of "Spell" to my cheeks as blush to pull the entire look together. This is officially my go-to summer makeup look!


I started off with the Signature Shadow Set - Contour Eyes just to give some definition to my eyes before going in with Everglow. I love the golden shade in the Everglow highlighter trio so I applied it all over my lid and highlighted my inner corner and brow bone with the lightest white shade. For cheeks, I used our Pressed Blush in "Rendezvous" and topped it with the copper shade from the Everglow Highlighter. A cool summer trend is layering a warm shimmer shade on top of your blush to add dimension to your cheekbones and create a sun-kissed effect. I highlighted the rest of my face with the golden shade. 

"Coven" is a metallic chocolate brown liquid lipstick that I couldn't wait to try. First, I lined my lips with our "Chestnut" Lip Liner to enhance the pigment of the liquid lipstick. The final result really complimented the overall glowy look and kept it very bronzed. 


The OFRA X NikkieTutorials Collection is all about taking risks and having fun with your makeup application. I wanted to try something a bit outside the box so I decided "Coven" Liquid Lipstick could make a great eyeliner.. and I was right. Using Eyeliner Brush #1, I applied "Coven" as eyeliner which seamlessly glided on while still staying true to pigment. I highlighted with the lightest shades in Everglow and finished up with the HD Volumizing Mascara in "Black".

It's hard to choose a favorite but I'll admit I have a special affection for Nude Potion liquid lipstick. As a fair girl, it's hard to find the perfect nude lippie but thanks to the Queen (NikkieTutorials, if you haven't guessed) pale girls are in luck! I like to go in with "Mauve" Lip Liner because it's my perfect "your lips but better" shade and then apply Nude Potion on top. The final look is very classic but the "Coven" eyeliner gave it an extra edge!

Which look would you be most likely to try? Show us how you rock the OFRA X NikkieTutorials Collection and tag us on social media for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page!

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