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I Did My Mom’s Makeup Using All OFRA

Hi, beauties! I’m Nicolle and I started working my dream job for OFRA Cosmetics in January this year!

And I owe it all to this woman, my mama, Josie. Here we are on New Years featuring the bold brows she’s rocked since forever.

Mama Josie (left) all trendy in her choker and me (right) doing the most in faux fur and glitter eye shadow.

Mama Josie (left) all trendy and cute in her choker and me (right) doing the most in faux fur and glitter eyeshadow.


This requires a little backstory. So, let’s take a trip to 1992; the president was Bill Clinton, the top song was I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, and it was the year I first encountered my mother’s makeup bag. This would be just one of many “vanity raids” of my childhood (moment of silence for all the lipsticks I ruined) that cultivated my love of makeup today.

Me, my mom and her rum raisin lipstick. Chattanooga, TN 1992


Her routine never included much beyond lipstick, blush, and mascara to begin with. As you can imagine, 2 kids and 26 years later, the time for self-care has been on a steady decline, so that routine hasn’t expanded.

Meanwhile, my makeup-obsession flourished during that time. So when I started turning up to family functions in cut-creases and falsies, she’d marvel and say things like, “I wish I knew how to do makeup like that.” It’s always broken my heart that she thinks it’s for her lack of skill when the reality is she’s never had the free time to practice.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to fix that by putting together a little care-package of the OFRA goodies I thought she’d love and surprise her with a little pampering.

She’s never used OFRA before and I wanted to show her how, so we cracked open a bottle of wine, put on some salsa music and made a day out of it.

Here’s the step-by-step beat breakdown:

(scroll down for the Before and After)



I prepped her skin with our Vitamin C Cream. Moisturizing is essential for aging skin so we went in DOUBLE-TIME and  following that up with the humectant properties of our Cool As A Cucumber primer, or as my mom calls it in her thick Venezuelan accent, “Coocomber.” She loved the way it smelled and the way it blurred her texture right away.


Tip: to avoid pulling her skin and bringing out more fine lines, I applied the moisturizer and primer with a damp Perfecting Puff

She doesn’t normally wear full-coverage foundation so we mixed the Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation in shade #2 with some of the Vitamin C Cream to create a more sheer coverage, perfect for day wear.


Again, we applied it with the damp Perfecting Puff. This was probably her favorite item from the whole haul because she’s not too proficient with brushes and using one tool for her whole face was a revelation. She now calls it her “esponjita magica” meaning “little magic sponge.”

To conceal and brighten her under eyes, I used our Skin Sculpting Wand in the shade Dawn and set it with our Banana Powder.

Tip: To avoid dryness and product caking into her creases as well as really set the concealer so it didn’t budge through the day, I sprayed the tapered side of the Perfecting Puff with some Fix-It and lightly pressed that into the corners of her eyes and blended by patting outward towards her temple.


To contour, I went in with our Skin Sculpting Wand in shade Sunset. I dotted it along the edges of her face, under her cheekbones and jawline and blended all of that out and dusted some Oil Control Pressed Powder with a big fluffy brush all over her face.

With the Professional Blush Palette, I mixed Winter Rose Glow with Candy Apple to add color back into her cheeks.



Continuing with the Professional Blush Palette, I used Apricot as a base and blended that all over the lid. In her crease and outer corners, I mixed Raisin and Rose then smudged the shade Format under her lower lashline. Then starting from the inner corner and out into the middle of the eye, I dotted Bo$$y Eyes liquid eyeshadow in the shade Rozay and blended out with my fingers. (BTW - you all will be able to get your hands on this limited edition release on May 16th!)

My mom already has microblading on her brows, but I still used the Universal Eyebrow pencil to shape the outer edges because the waxy formula does an amazing job of keeping those hairs in place and also made extra strokes at the front to round out any squareness.

Last on the eyes, I smudged a little black eyeliner on the upper lash line and finished off with light mascara



This gets its own section because it’s the best part! I buffed our Versatile Matte Bronzer into her hairline and all around her face to do a final blend of all that contouring. Then the clouds parted and the angels sang as I reached for Everglow and a fan brush.

Mami was shook.


Finally, the cherry on top: Lips! I lined her lips with Spicy lipliner and then went over with our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Pasadena.

The last step was to seal the beat with Makeup Fixer. Instead of spritzing directly on her face, I sprayed the Perfecting Puff and tapped it onto her whole face. This helped to smooth out any dryness and made all the different layers of product fuse together flawlessly.


But I'll let y'all see for yourselves 😉



Written by OFRA Team Member: Nicolle Rios


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