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After relaunching our 17-shade lip gloss collection we decided we wanted to do something super special that we had never attempted before. Because we love our followers and their feedback, we had our Instagram tribe vote on creating a brand new lip gloss shade and name! Beauties, this was such a blast that we are looking forward to doing this again. It was so fun to get our creative juices flowing together. For those of you just hearing about this now, here's what we did:


After launching our rebranded lip glosses, we wanted YOUR help! We posted on our Instagram stories what color, how much sparkle, and how opaque you wanted our next lip gloss to be. Crowdsourcing the name of the gloss was my absolute fav part. There were so many amazing names in our DMs it was so hard to pick. Our top choices included Fetch, Strawberry Fields, and Flamingo. We put the names to a vote and the winner was: GLOSSIP!



It was only right that we went on Instagram live and gave you all the inside scoop on how our lip glosses are made. We took the base that all our lip glosses have and mixed it in with the perfect amount of pigments to create that perfect pink gloss that everyone had voted on.  



Our amazing chemist came up with not one… not two… BUT THREE options for you all to pick from. It was so fun seeing everyone's live reaction to the potential "Glossip" shade. Trying them on and swatching them live was the best way to make sure you were in on every decision.



You guys decided and so it was time! We mixed in our base and our colors so you could see the magic right before your eyes. The next step was my favorite and so satisfying to watch… I mean, who needs a food video when you can watch lip gloss and sparkles blend together into a yummy mix. #oddlysatisfying




AND THERE SHE IS! Meet the one and only "Glossip"! This gorgeous shade brings out shine for a natural lip look, while still maintaining gorgeous flecks of glitter. We can’t wait for all of you to get your hands on this amazing product. It was so special you were with us through every step of the way. We can’t wait to see what's next!

Don't worry Beauties, this batch will NOT be released to the public; all photos and filming happened inside our lab where we create our amazing products before the batches in our factory, where gloves and hair nets are worn, are produced. OFRA Cosmetics is proud to say all of our formulations and products are produced in-house. OFRA does everything from product creation, testing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. 


Written by: Rachel Fleischman


  • Wow, it’s amazing color, i would love if I have it soon

    MUNA on

  • This is so cool, Thankyou for choosing two of my options for your final decision, even though they were not picked. Either way I still adore the outcome and I am very proud of what you’ve created based on our recommendations. ❤❤❤❤

    Izzy on

  • Thanks for sharing the process! I love seeing behind the scenes. I love seeing how genuine and authentic your brand is! I can’t wait to try this class! I will probably order it on the weekend.

    Erica on

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