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Let's talk magnetic: The newly released Glow Baby, Glow! Collection by OFRA x NIKKIETUTORIALS not only allows your favorite shade of Everglow (including a new enhanced shade) in single compacts but also comes in new packaging. Here at OFRA, we’ve been slowly implementing new changes that we think you will love!



These new highlighters come in brand new magnetic packaging that makes it easy for you to replace and refill with any 10-gram godet pan refill available on our website. Whether you’ve run out of Glazed Donut or decide you want the Everglow trio highlighter, even a blush or foundation, we’ve got you covered! These replaceable godets can be popped out using a bobby pin or paperclip poking through the hole in the back of the compact, making them ready to be refilled instantly or swapped out whenever you want. Pop it out, and pop it right back in- it really can't get any easier than that!


(Pictured above: OFRA Profesional Makeup Palette- Dazzling Diamonds)


Our Pop-up Palette is the ultimate magnetic palette that comes empty and is ready for customization, but did you know all of our OFRA Pro Palettes are magnetic? That's right; your favorite pro palettes can be refilled and customized to your liking depending on the occasion or mood- maybe you just feel like putting all your favorites in one place. If you’re anything like me, I am constantly organizing and reorganizing my makeup according to the product, most used items, current faves or just for personal aesthetic. Gotta love the look of a palette with a gradient of light to dark, am I right? Just scoop out the pan with your finger or small tool, like a bobby pin in the designated “pop out” indents (see image above), and conveniently replace or reorganize as you feel necessary.


 Check out all our Godet Pan Refills Below:



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Stay Tuned.



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  • Hi, are you going to be integrating this new packaging to all of your highlighters? Everglow and Beverly Hills are two of my favorite highlighters ever and i want to continue buying them again and again, but i would much rather buy a godet refill and switch them out when i hit pan, instead of collecting 15 different compacts, and i also really prefer keeping my highlighters all together rather then having some in a magnetic palette, some in a compact

    Brooke Burbridge on

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