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The month of June rings in the important and enormously fun celebration of the LGBT community in the form of Pride!  Parades and events will take place all over the world, where outfits, accessories, and makeup will all be colorfully on-theme.  Warmer summer temperatures make it harder to keep rainbow eyeliner and the perfect highlighter from melting right off your face. That simply won’t do! Here are some must-have, weather-proof makeup products that will help you express your inner beauty during Pride Month.



Goodbye champagne gold, hello morphing, intergalactic violet.  

You can’t celebrate pride with just any highlighter; you need to find something unique and out-of-the-box to accentuate your features-- and I mean ALL of them; your whole body should be dusted with it.  The OFRAxNIKKIETUTORIALS Space Baby Highlighter can practically be seen from space, as the name suggests, with its beautiful lilac hue and blinding glow. Not to mention, the highlighter works double-time, shifting from blue to purple based on the angle of your body.


OFRA Fixline Eyeliner Gel

No pride makeup looks would really be complete without a rainbow of some kind.  Whether you create one on your eyes, cheekbones, or lips, using a strong product that won’t smudge is key.  That’s where the many OFRAFixline Eyeliner Gels come in. The pot-style liner comes in nude, black, orangey red, white, purple, dark brown, green, navy, blue, and yellow.  They dry quickly and can be mixed together to create any shade of the rainbow.


OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick 

To create a rainbow or bright lip look that will last all day (yes, you can eat with it on), try one of OFRA’s Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks.  Choose from any color you can imagine to complete your Pride look.


OFRA Pro Palette in Bright Addiction

If you’re not a fan of eyeliner, but still want a bold eye look, look no further than the OFRA Pro Palette in Bright Addiction (currently on sale!).  It has every bright, colorful shade you could possibly want in a smooth, pigmented formula that’s easy to blend. If you want to add even more pigment to the shadows, spray your brush with the OFRA Makeup Fixer.  


OFRA Verified Liquid Liner

For the perfect *snatched* winged liner, use the new Verified Liquid Liner.  It goes on smoothly and creates the perfect graphic look in seconds. You can use this to outline your rainbow liner or to finish off a rainbow eyeshadow look with a bold wing.  




Whether you incorporate color into your everyday makeup look or are just looking for products to complete your pride look, the products listed above will quickly become part of your faves list.


Written by Annika Polatsek


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