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Makeup Swap: Kate & Justine Switch Routines


Getting ready with girlfriends is one of my favorite pastimes. Even through your twenties, prepping makeup for a night on the town with your friends can sometimes be more fun than the actual event. If your friends are beauty fanatics, you can even walk away with a few lifechanging tips. My co-worker (and friend) Kate is that person for me. She knows her stuff and always has a killer makeup idea on deck to rock at a moment's notice. 

Saying Kate and I have very different makeup styles is an understatement. If you read our recent post, "Go-To Makeup with the OFRA Social Team", you'd already know that. Being the risk-takers we are, we thought it would be fun to step outside the box for a day and not only swap makeup routines but apply them LIVE on Facebook. The result was refreshing to try something completely new for the day. Let's just say I'm guilty of posting an IG story selfie after work.



I won't lie. My makeup tutorial got off to a rocky start. We started with brows and I was really excited to use an eyebrow gel to define my already thick hairs. Let me tell you... a little goes a LONG way. As someone who exclusively uses eyebrow pencils, I had a heavy hand with the OFRA eyebrow gel in "Khaki" and I ended up with brows that would make Cara Delevingne jealous, which I honestly didn't mind. I made it work.

Next, we moved on to eyes which consisted of taupe brown, rosy blush transition shade and off-white on the lid. To top it all off, Kate had me add a very thin wing which she instructed me to drag out slightly further than made me comfortable and black mascara. I must hand it to Kate on this one. It sounds so simple but the color combination came out so delicate and feminine that I can't wait to try it again.

To complement the rosy tones, Kate had me apply a combination of two pink blushes: Pink Satin and Rose. I used powder bronzer for the first time in months which instantly warmed up my face and Beverly Hills highlighter gave me a glow one could see a mile away. Lastly, Kate threw me a curveball and had me apply Hypno Liquid Lipstick, a wearable burgundy shade. "But it's spring Kate!", is what I wanted to say but then I remembered that breaking the rules is fun and I gladly swiped on a vampy lipstick in May.




SHOP THE LOOK: (L to R) Eyebrow Gel in "Khaki", Angled Brush #4, "French Mocha" Eyeshadow, "Rose" Blush, "Plastic" Eye Shadow, Fixline Eyeliner Gel in "Black", Eyeliner Brush #1, HD Volumizing Mascara in "Black", "Pink Satin" Blush, "Rose" Blush, Americano Bronzer, Beverly Hills Highlighter & Hypno Liquid Lipstick.




Kate had a different kind of challenge with her makeup tutorial. Minimalism isn't her thing so when I urged her to use natural techniques, she had to show some restraint. Eyebrows consisted of the Universal Eyebrow Pencil - a far cry from the Instagram brow Kate tends to favor. Kate admitted during the livestream that the natural brow is a currently a popular trend so it's my firm belief she secretly enjoyed trying it on.

For eyes, I had Kate apply mostly natural taupe brown shades to bring out the green in her hazel eyes. Next, she used an angle brush to apply a black gel liner, creating a slightly thicker and shorter wing than she's used to. False lashes are a regular addition to Kate's eye looks so finishing off with some black mascara might have had her feeling slightly bare.

Blush is where I had her go a little crazy. I have been obsessed with blush techniques for summer and I wanted to get Kate's feedback. I had her apply Apricot blush, a warm peach shade to the apples of her cheeks and across the bridge of her nose to fake a sun kissed glow and had her top it off with a Candy Apple blush, a warm coral. If you watched the Facebook video, there was a lot of oohing and ahhing. Finally, I had Kate create a blotted punch pink lip,  although a defined lip is her jam. The final result gave Kate a fresh and youthful look that is giving us major summer vibes.




SHOP THE LOOK: (L to R) Universal Eyebrow Pencil, "Truffle" Eyeshadow, "French Mocha" Eyeshadow, "Glamour" Eyeshadow, Fixline Eyeliner Gel in "Black", Angled Brush #4, HD Volumizing Mascara in "Black", "Apricot" Blush, "Candy Apple" Blush, "Sunset" Skin Sculpting Wand, "Plastic" Eyeshadow & "Santa Ana" Liquid Lipstick.



Checkout the full Facebook Livestream HERE!



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