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Makeup Tips and Tricks for this Upcoming Summer

Hey, Beauties! Now that summer is just around the corner and the days are getting hotter and increasingly humid (yuck!), I have compiled a list of some makeup tips and tricks that get me through the summer and keep me looking my best. These products help me keep my skin looking bright, healthy and fresh and they will hopefully do the same for you!

This easy Saturday-morning look was achieved following these steps:

Always start with a moisturizer

Whatever the weather is, hot or cold (mostly hot in Florida). I will not go a day without moisturizing my face. Our skin needs all the love and protection it can get and the Oil-Free Moisturizer has done that for me. It is my summertime holy grail moisturizer as it never leaves me feeling greasy, and always leaves me feeling radiant and smooth!

Summertime, primer time

Primers are a must during summers due to their ability to keep products in place without melting off. For luminous and glowy looking skin, I have been applying the recently-launched Northern Lights Primer. This creamy primer helps me smooth out my ~huge~ pores and gives me a satin finish that preps my skin for a smooth foundation application.

Vibrant lippies FTW

My go-to lippies during the summer are vivid colored OFRA long lasting liquid lipsticks.  My current favorite lippie has been the Daytona Beach, it makes me feel like summer is here.  Ever since I tried this formula my lips have been loving it! I used to struggle with finding transfer-resistant and matte lipsticks that wouldn't suck the life out of my poor lips. If this is something you struggle with too, look no further. These long lasting liquid lipsticks would never do you like that! There are so many beautiful shades to choose from for all skin tones so I’m positive you’ll find your gem.

Gloss baby, gloss

Of course, I don't always wear lipstick because sometimes a girl just wants to chill, BUT you will never catch me without my moisturizing lipstick in the shade Rose. This is my favorite product to wear alone or over lipstick to give my pout a soft and rosy tint while giving my lips the moisture and sun protection they SO need in this Florida heat.  

My ultimate blush crush

Bright colors give me some real summer vacation vibes, and the Mai Tai blush is truly my summertime crush. This soft tropical orange shade keeps my cheeks looking smooth and pigmented and it is truly ideal for all skin tones so I’m sure you beauties will love this shade as much as I do!


Shine bright with a highlight

If you want your face to be illuminated in all the right areas for the perfect complexion, I would highly recommend the Talia Mar Soho Highlighter to help you achieve your #GlowGoals this summer. Whether I’m going for a blinding highlight or a subtle highlight, my beloved Soho highlighter will get me there. The gorgeous champagne-peach colored highlighter makes me shine like a diamond even during the rainiest Florida days.

Seal the deal with setting spray

Living in South Florida is truly the ultimate test for beauty products. Will they be able to prevail through the warmth, sun, humidity, and rain?! The answer is “YAAASSS” every time I use the Rose Makeup Fixer. It doesn't just smell incredible, it also shields your skin for 12 hours, while providing it with amazing nutrients like ~my favorite~ aloe vera. I like to spritz my face before or after doing my makeup (or no makeup) or literally at any time of the day!


Written by Mariela Aguilar

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  • Yassss queen! Thank you for this informative post. I was having trouble finding a good moisturizer and primer, and let me just say that the northern light primer is to die for. My skin feels so amazing and clean like I’m not even wearing make up at all. Thank you for introducing this product to me . I can’t live without it 🤗

    Ashley De Los Santos on

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