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 I have been using glasses since I was six and that has never stopped me from rocking makeup. However, I know wearing glasses can be a little tricky when deciding the best way to do your makeup since you have to consider the shape and color of the frames, but there are plenty of tips and tricks I have for you beauties, so if you wear glasses, this is the blog post for you! 

The first thing to keep in mind is that glasses should NOT stop you from wearing makeup, it’s really just about readjusting a few steps to incorporate your choice of frames while enhancing all your features. 

As someone who has been wearing glasses for more than 16 years, I think I’ve found just the right mix of products to create my favorite looks like the one below!

Want to know how I achieved this look? Keep on reading!

Flawless Face

The key to an overall great look is to have the right base. I recommend starting out with a fully cleansed, moisturized, and primed face. I typically use the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser, the Oil Free Moisturizer, and the Silicone Primer Gel (it provides just the right amount of tackiness for foundations to stick) to prep my face for a day of makeup, but as always, use whatever works for your skin better. 

You can then begin to use the Pro Palette: Contouring & Highlighting Cream which contains six shades that will allow you to use the lighter ones to conceal, the darker ones to contour, and create a mixture of shades that work for you to create the perfect foundation for your skin tone. 

Foundation: After finding the right shades for you (I mixed the #07  and #80), go in with the #8887 Foundation Brush and begin to buff it in. Blend everything out with a dampened perfecting puff by gently tapping the product into your face for a sheer finish. If you prefer liquid foundations, you can also use the Absolute Cover Foundation. Tip: Less is more, especially around the nose area where the foundation tends to rub off. 

Concealer: It’s a different story when it’s time to apply concealer, unlike foundation, I recommend going a little heavy on concealer by applying under your eyes to prevent them from looking sunken-in behind the lenses, especially for dark and thick frames like the ones I used in the picture. To apply, start off with the lighter shade to create dimension by drawing an upside-down triangle underneath your eyes and a small triangle on the center of your forehead with the #11 brush and blend out with the perfecting puff.

Contour: Contouring can go either way: heavy or light. Whatever you choose to do, I recommend finding your cheekbones and then apply the contour on the edge of the bone using the #20 brush. You can also contour with a few dots under your hairline, and along your jawline and blend out with the perfecting puff.

Blush: To light up my cheeks against the contour, use the Francesca Tolot X OFRA Gilded Palette in the shade Venezia with the #22 Blush Brush by lightly tapping your cheeks. 

Its All About The Brows

There is one main recommendation I have for you glasses-wearing beauties: make sure your frames fall below your eyebrows. Why? Everyone has a unique personality and allowing your frames to sit under your brows will allow you to clearly show your thoughts and emotions. 

To achieve full brows, first, brush your hair upwards to tame your eyebrows and accomplish a smooth application.  Next, go in with the Universal Eyebrow Pencil and begin to draw upwards strokes all throughout the brows until you have achieved the shape that best fits your goals. Remember, to achieve bold brows does not mean you should forget about having the appearance of natural brows. Tip: Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so don’t panic if they don't look exactly the same!

Make Those Peepers Pop

Because your eyes are a bit hidden behind glasses, it is essential that you take a couple of steps to help accentuate your eyes and appear bright. In other words, you definitely don't need to say goodbye to eyeshadow just because you have frames around your eyes! 

Always start out by priming your lids with the Eye Gel Primer before eyeshadow application for a smoother application. Next, use the  Francesca Tolot X OFRA Gilded Palette and begin to apply the Bisque bronzer in the crease of your lids to create dimension using the #3 Eyeshadow Brush. Next, apply the blush shade in Versus with the same brush by blending throughout the lid. And, YES I recommended using the bronzer and blush because who is stopping us from using it as a shadow! It's okay to get creative :D

 Don’t worry if the eyeshadow didn’t turn out 100% perfect because a cat eye will do the trick to really make your eyes pop. I recommend going in with my all-time favorite Black Verified Liquid Liner. There are many ways you can go about shaping your liner so do what works best for you and the frames you’re wearing. 

To emphasize your lashes use the HD Volumizing Mascara in Black. One thing to keep in mind is that you should be going for volume instead of length in order to avoid little mascara specks on your lenses. Tip: If your eyelashes are still grazing against your lenses, you can use an eyelash curler to curl them up and away from the lenses.

Bold Pout

Of course, a bold pout is not necessary, you can always rock whatever shade you Beauties prefer! BUT, for whenever you’re feeling a little playful and wanting a poppin’ look you can always add a bold lip color. For the look I’m describing, I really loved the idea of using a pinky and purplish lipstick, so the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Hollywood was the perfect choice. 

Finishing Touches

Don't you hate when your glasses stick to your foundation around the bridge of your nose? Or when your glasses slide down your face and reveal two red foundationless spots? To avoid this situation I have learned that the key is to use a setting powder and finishing off with a setting spray. 

To apply the setting powder, dust on the Translucent Powder in the shade Light (also available in more shades) in all the areas where you concealed while primarily focusing on the areas where your glasses touch your skin: most likely the cheeks and nose which is where the glasses rest. Following these steps will prevent any of the products you applied from rubbing off.

Next, spray the Makeup Fixer two to three times evenly throughout your face. This setting spray is a step I always take as it refreshes my face and it lasts for 12 hours. Tip: While waiting for the setting spray to dry, disinfect the parts of your glasses that contact your face to avoid germ build-up.

What do you Beauties think about these techniques? Let me know any additional tips or tricks you might have in the comment section below! 

Written by Mariela Aguilar


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