Making the Most of Your Makeup Stash

Posted on 24 March 2017


by Mariel Fernandez


Spring has sprung and while you’re probably doing lots of spring cleaning this season and hopefully tossing any expired products, we’ve got some additional tips on how you can save more pennies and salvage the last of your winter makeup. Quality makeup and skincare is not cheap and should be savored, right? Read on to find out how to make the most of your coveted products.


It’s all about moderation.

Using more than a pea-sized drop of moisturizer is usually a waste unless you have super dry skin. Be sure not to use too much as you don’t want to clog your pores or over moisturize which can lead to breakouts. Yikes! Check out our OFRA x Kim Thai Wanderlush, a lightweight and hydrating moisturizer-primer hybrid. It can be used on all skin types and quenches skin with intense moisture for long-lasting hydration without the heavy finish of oil and grease.



Note expiration dates.

Marking the date of first use on the packaging itself will help you keep track of the product’s expiration date. This also helps with “guess-timating” when a product is past due, which may not be the case. Again, these items can be pricey so tossing them before they’re expired is a no-no for your bank account.



Multi-use products.

Our Beverly Hills highlighter contains five different shades that can be combined for multiple highlight options or used as eyeshadows as well. This highlighter now conveniently comes in our OFRA Professional Makeup Palette- On The Glow that contains five other gorgeous highlighters and bronzers is truly the ultimate spring/summer glow palette.  We’ve been loving the blush trend this season and our Professional Blush Palette is the only one you’ll ever need! The blush palette can also be used as warm eyeshadows for a warm monochromatic spring look. Our lipliners and eyeliners can also be used interchangeably as they contain the same synthetic beeswax formula that is safe for use on both eyes and lips.


Always look for a dupe or discount.

For almost every favorite high-end product there’s a similar product that you can purchase for a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that higher end brands usually use better quality ingredients but this is up for you to decide.  Usually companies offer coupon codes (especially if you’re a first-time customer) that you can use to knock off some bucks. Signing up for emails can be quite beneficial for receiving offers such as free shipping and announcing special sale events. Following brands on social media is another great way to stay in the know about special offers. OFRA offers 30% off codes frequently so check out our IG and Snapchat (@ofracosmetics on all social media platforms) for codes to save some extra mula on your purchases.



Down to the last drop.

Turn bottles upside down to get every last drop of product you can use. And if you can’t squeeze anymore out, cut the tubes in half! Whatever it takes! Similarly, take a sharp tool to remove the excess amount of your “empty” lipsticks. You probably have about a quarter of product left and it can be mixed with a lip balm to create a tinted gloss.




We encourage tossing old or dried up mascara or eyeliners but, if you have a particular favorite, there’s no need to discard them right away! Using our OFRA Fix-It serum will revive any of your dried-out makeup with just a few drops of this silicone based product.


Ready to put these tips to use? I know I am! Spring has never felt like more of a fresh start. Things are heating up and we’re ready for it! Need some advice on Spring Essentials and the latest spring trends? Read more on the OFRA blog!


Any other tips you use to get more bang for your buck?

Comment below and share with us!

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