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Mariel's Current Skincare Routine: Normal to Combo Skin


After a week of Halloween fun, my skin needed a good detox from all the makeup, and my everyday skincare routine does me no wrong. I have pretty normal skin that can get oily occasionally and almost always in my t-zone. Here are some of my favorite everyday items I use to get clear and vibrant, refreshed skin!

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First: I’ll wash my face thoroughly with the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser, it really is the best cleanser! Depending on how my skin is, if I have any slight breakouts or blackheads I’ll go in with our Radiance Face & Body Scrub as well which has tiny exfoliating beads that leave my skin feeling extra soft & smooth!

Second: On a cotton round, I tone my face with the Essential Toner- good for all skin types. I have combo between normal and oily so this has been my go-to to remove any excess dirt and grime while calming my skin that tends to be sensitive.

*On days I hit the gym in the morning, I use the Energizing Elixir to charge up my skin and remove any excess oils or dirt!*

Next: I apply a serum. I alternate between the B5 Serum on my more dry days and the Vitamin A & C Serum, lately, I’ve been using the Collagen Serum as I feel it gives my skin an extra boost and looks more radiant and youthful. I pair my serum with the Biotech Eye & Lip Cream to give some extra love to those sensitive areas as well.

*Sometimes I use just the Peptide Silk-C Serum as a serum and moisturizer for added hydration to keep skin nice and moisturized when I’m low on time to get ready!*


Lastly: I apply my moisturizer which has been the Advanced Vitamin C Cream that I have been using for almost 3 years! It smells amazing and I even use it on my body! I alternate with the Peptide Moisturizer when I am a bit dryer or for night time use when I want to keep my skin super hydrated otherwise it leaves my skin looking too shiny for a full day if used in the morning.

*if I know I'm going to be wearing makeup (90% of the time I don’t) I’ll skip these moisturizers and go straight in with the Cool As A Cucumber moisturizer and primer to kill two birds with one stone for moisturizing and prepping my skin!*


This is literally my everyday routine and doesn’t change much for night time. I am also terrible at masking, I can admit that but when I do mask, I go for the Volcanic Clarifying Mask when I’m super oily, have been wearing a lot of makeup lately and want to detox my skin or even when I just notice a lot of blackheads (specifically my nose and t-zone area). I’ll also use the Brightening Mask to make sure my skin stays radiant and looks as clean and healthy as possible! I’m going to start my New Year's resolution early and make it a point to mask at least 1-2 times per week (as I should) to maintain healthy looking skin. Till then, this is my go-to skincare routine. As always, when the weather and seasons change so should your skin care routine so be sure to “listen” to your skin when it’s telling you the cold winter is drying you out, or in the summer time when things heat up and you start to get more oily! It’s so important to take care of your skin, it’s the only one you got!


What kind of skin do you have? Let us know in the comments below and if you would like to see more blogs like this that are focused on specific skin types!


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