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Mariela’s Summer Skincare Routine

Following a skincare routine is relatively new for me. Having sensitive, combination (mostly dry), and large pores, I knew I had to do something to finally be responsible enough to begin taking good care of my skin and give it the love it deserves.

Truth is, I never really paid much attention to the care of my skin until I turned 21. In the short years that I’ve started TLC’ing my skin, I’ve already seen a dramatic difference. I have quickly learned that skincare was a commitment and not having a proper face care regimen would lead to dire consequences. So I thought I’d share what has been working for me in hopes that it might also help some of you Beauties with similar skin issues.


Because I am not an early morning person (I don't think most of us are), I try to keep my morning skincare routine fast and simple, but efficient!

Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser: I use one pump and begin to gently massage into my face and neck in upward circular motions and rinse off with lukewarm water. 

Essential Toner: I use two pumps of this toner by applying it to a cotton pad and tapping it all over my face and neck. I am convinced that this toner is one of the biggest gems I’ve found to reduce my pores and improve my complexion!

Oil-Free Moisturizer: I finish this quick routine by applying half a teaspoon amount on my fingertips and massaging it into my face and neck using upward motions. This moisturizer is PERFECT as it is fast-absorbing and never leaves me looking greasy.


I start my evening skincare routine about an hour before I go to bed so I can let all the products sink into my skin and be well absorbed before hitting the sheets.

Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser: After a long day of work or fun, it’s a must to wash away all the impurities my skin has come up against. Unlike my morning routine, I use two pumps instead of one!

Essential Toner: This toner is truly “essential” for my skin, so I also use this in the evenings. It perfectly preps my skin for the next couple of steps.

Masks: I do one mask per day. Read below for my mask schedule!

Vitamin C Cream: If it has Vitamin C, its a YES for me! This hydrating Vitamin C enriched cream helps me noticeably brighten my skin. I usually go a little crazy with the amount I apply because it smells amazing and I just LOVE how soft my skin is when I wake up. 

Drying Lotion - Original: The last step of my evening routine is to apply a thin layer to any affected area and leave on overnight. The results I see overnight are INSANE! It literally dries and reduces the size of blemishes like magic.


Once I finally get done with my daily tasks, I put on some Netflix and begin to mask. My favorite step because these masks give me instant results.

Moisture Repair Mask: This hydrating mask helps me calm my skin, reduce redness, and most of all, moisturize my dry spots. I also use this as an overnight mask after being under the sun for long periods of time which I have been doing a lot lately since its summer and I’m a beach lover! I apply a thin layer to my face and neck and wait 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. I use this mask three times a week: Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

Revitalizing Clay Mask: After taking this mask off, I truly feel like my face has been revived. It makes the texture of my skin smooth and decreases the oiliness that usually concentrates around my t-zone. I apply a thin layer to my face and neck and wait 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. I use this mask twice a week: Tuesday and Friday

Volcanic Clarifying Mask: This mask is my holy-grail for shrinking my pores and firming my skin. I apply a thin layer to the face and let the product dry completely. You’ll know it’s working when your skin begins to tingle as the mask draws out oil and dirt from pores. I recommend to leave it on for no more than 10 minutes or once the mask as dried. If my skin is feeling extra dry, I only apply the mask to my problem areas while avoiding the rest of my face. I use this mask twice a week: Wednesday and Saturday

What do you Beauties do to take care of your skin? Let us know in the comment section below!

Written by Mariela Aguilar


  • I use the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser & College Serum every night!!! MY FAVS

    Rachel on

  • I love the foaming Vitamin C Cleanser! I have dry skin and it does such a good job removing my makeup without drying out my skin. I’m also a huge fan of soft pearl peel- whenever I see blackheads I leave the scrub on for about 7 minutes and when I wake up they’re gone!

    Amelia on

  • I loved this detailed blog post about your personal skincare routine! I definitely want to try the Volcanic Clarifying Mask again since it helped shrink your pores and I am noticing my pores on my cheeks have recently been getting bigger! The Volcanic Mask has helped a ton with my breakouts but I never paid attention to what it does to my pores so thank you for sharing this!!!

    Carine on

  • This blog had so many useful tips! I’m definitely going to be trying the Essential toner. I’d also recommend the Vitamin C Serum, even after a few days of use you start to see a dramatic difference.

    Marcela on

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