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My Top 5 Fragrance-Free Products

If you have sensitive skin, but more importantly a sensitive nose like me, then you are definitely on the lookout for fragrance-free products. While we do use fragrance in some of our skin care and makeup, we do have a selection of fragrance-free items.  But let’s get one slightly misunderstood point about fragrance-free out of the way, these products may not necessarily be unscented, there is just no fragrance/parfum added in. So, for instance, many of our products contain essential oils like orange or neroli which all make the product scented, but not with an additive. Sounds like a win-win to me, no fragrance added but still smells great. Even unscented products could be “scented” even when they are marketed as not being scented because they use fragrance to neutralize other scents.

Here are my Top 5 Fave Fragrance-Free products (no exaggeration - I've ran out of each of these products multiple times now):


 1. Tea and Biscuits Vitamin C Scrub

When it comes to my combination skin, I like to make sure I exfoliate my skin twice a week to remove any dry skin patches or flakes I may have. This fragrance-free scrub curated in collaboration with Talia Mar is my go-to. After cleansing your face, lather this scrub all over in circular motion for about two minutes. Then let it sit for 10 minutes, wash it off, and VOILA. 


 2. Moisture Repair Mask

On days when I am super dry, typically in the winter, I like to give my skin a spa-like treatment with the Moisture Repair Mask. While fragrance-free, this product has a refreshing and cooling scent. This mask brings a natural glow and softness to the skin, plus you could leave it on overnight.  


3. Oil Free Moisturizer

With my combination skin, this oil-free moisturizer is a must-have. It took me years before finally finding a moisturizer that locked water into my skin, without causing me to breakout. This fragrance-free product has no scent and is light on the skin.  


4. Pomegranate Sugar Body Scrub


My all-time favorite and best-kept secret is going in with the Pomegranate Sugar Body Scrub before shaving my legs. While fragrance-free, the scent on this body scrub is as sweet and fresh as a fruit. When I am in the shower, I like to use this scrub with a little water to exfoliate my entire body.

Another tip of mine is to use this scrub after sunscreen or tanning oil, I promise it's the only product I have found to take away the sticky layer of tanning oil. 


5. Silicone Primer 


And finally, prep any makeup look with our Silicone Primer. This primer is my first pick always as it leaves skin moisturized, while creating a sticky base to make sure any foundation will glide on smoothly.  




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