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National Pink Day Makeup Looks That Are So 2020

Hey, Beauties! Happy National Pink Day. Just saying "pink" automatically brings happiness. So a whole day dedicated to it? Bring on all the good vibes and check out our team looks with all pink looks from bold to subtle. 

Who doesn’t love Pink? Am I right?! So, I just had to celebrate National Pink Day in style (is there any other way?). For my eyes, I decided to use our new Getaway and Beachside palettes. I used the neutrals from the Getaway Palette to do the brow bone and crease. For the eyelid color, I applied Pink Lady from the Beachside Palette.

I created a two-toned eyeliner using our Fixline Gel Eyeliner in the shades White Rabbit and Light My Fire to create the light pink color for the inner corner of the eye and I used our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Cancun for the tail end of the eyeliner.

For the face I used our Absolute Cover Foundation in 1.5, and set it with our Translucent Powder in Light. I applied our blush in Pink Lady and our highlighter Cloud 9 for the cheeks.  To set it and forget it, I used our Makeup Fixer.

To finish this fabulous pink look I topped my lips with the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstik in Cancun. I loved how it tuned out, and I hope you do too!


To say I'm not a pink anything type of person would be too understated. I'm not anti-pink as much as I am pro-neutrals, and for the most part that extends to my clothes, my house, and pretty much everything in between. EXCEPT, blush. I love blush and I'll take it in any shade from pink, pinkish, slightly pink, a hint of pink, doesn't matter to me. So for this look, I decided to test drive two of my favorite blush shades to create a simple monochromatic look. For the outer and inner corner crease, I used Cosmo Blush and then lightened it drop by adding Crazy Pink Blush right on top. I then added some drama with a sharp wing with Verified Liquid Liner. Blissful on my brow bone and that's it for the eyes. For the cheeks, I bronzed with the chocolatey side of Hot Cocoa and then mixed the two blushes from my eyes to blend into the apples of the cheeks. I then mixed Crazy Pink with Blissful for my ALL-TIME FAVORITE highlighter mix. I lined my lips with Story and dabbed Millie in the middle for lots of shine.



To get this pink look I went in with our brand-new inspired Beachside Palette. I used the shade Pink Lady to bring the pink look to life. To blend out any harsh edges and create a warm effect, I used the shade Country Road, also in the Beachside Palette. After using the verified liquid liner and HD volumizing mascara, I pulled in all the pink with blush in the shade Cosmo and highlighter in the shade Pillow Talk. Finally, I finished the look off with one of my favorite lip gloss shades, Chill Pink.


I was ecstatic when I heard we were doing pink looks for the blog. I adore the color pink. To get my look, I started with our absolute cover foundation in the shade #5. After bronzing and highlighting, I went in with our Cosmo blush, a bright pink beauty. For my eyes, I went all in. I used the shade Pink Lady from the Getaway Palette in my crease to start off nice and bright. Next, I used Easy Bake from the Glitch Palette on my lid and blended it into rhinestones in my inner corner. To finish my eyes, I used my all-time fav product, out HD volumizing mascara. For the final touch, I swiped our Flexi Slick in the shade slip on my lips.


If you've made it this far, you really love pink, and we can't blame you! Any looks you want to try out or have your own spin on? Let us know in the comments below. See you soon, Beauties.


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