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New Launch Alert: GLITCH

Here’s to 2020, but us Beauties will never forget where we came from. This Glitch launch has all the nostalgia to help you reminiscence a time in life where things were quite different.   

The Glitch Palette

This all-new Glitch Palette is dedicated to our 1990s babies. Whether it be the pigmented, glowing shades or the shade names on their own, you can relate. Looks like you'll be creating anywhere from a neutral golden eye to a bright colorful look with this creamy formula. Check out what's inside! 

Whats Inside:


Arcade (a metallic mint green)
What was Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Twitter? This was when our only hope of entertainment was going to arcades to hang with friends. Arcade brings us back to a time of playing Frogger with a metallic mint green twist.
Y2K (a cool gold metallic with shimmer)
There was nothing we looked forward to in the 90’s more than Y2K parties! This cool gold metallic shimmer shade reminds us of the turn of the century.
Dial-Up (a smokey indigo blue metallic)
Gen Z Kids, imagine this: you just want to play Neopets, maybe some Webkinz, but you can’t since someone is already on the phone. This smokey indigo blue metallic color reminds us of the original AOL logo.
Mood Ring (an aqua blue metallic)
Didn’t you know a mood ring told you and everyone else your mood. I mean no need to tell someone your mood when they can just check out your ring. The color blue meant you were feeling relaxed, so this shade name was perfect for those of you who relax away while doing your makeup. 
Rhinestones (a snow white metallic with shimmer)
With the most wanted Bedazzler toy making its way to everyone, rhinestones on all your clothes and accessories was a MUST. You can’t go wrong with this snow white metallic shimmer.
4ever (a deep amethyst metallic)
Who needs full words? I mean grammar, no thanks. It wasn’t cool to actually spell out your words, so no better way 2 shorten a way than 2 throw in some numbers.
Beeper (a metallic steel gray with shimmer)
When the only way to communicate once upon a time was through a beeper and get to your nearest pay phone if it was important enough. This metallic steel gray shimmer earned its name.
Easy Bake (a cool bubblegum pink metallic with shimmer)
These little pink ovens had everyone wishing they could grow up and be bakers. When this was how everyone learned how to bake as a child... right. Who else begged their parents for the cookie and brownie expansion packs?
Ice Ice Baby (a silver metallic)
Vanilla Ice was really onto something with this one. This silver metallic shade brings us back to the days of breakdancing and Hammer pants.

BRB Lip Gloss

BRB (a sheer shimmering icy lavender)
Be right back… getting the lip gloss you never knew you needed.  


Holo Tote Bundle 

Get It All

Purchase the Holo Tote Bundle and get BOTH the Glitch Palette and BRB Gloss, along with the limited edition Y2K Midi Palette, featuring our blinding highlighters in the shades: Pillow Talk, Space Baby, and Star Island. Complete the look with the included HD Volumizing Mascara and Verified Liquid Liner. 


Will you be grabbing the brand new GLITCH products? Tell us about it! And don’t forget to tag us @ofracosmetics on Instagram with #OFRABeauties so we can see the glowing results.

Remember all OFRA Cosmetics’ products are made to order, including the all-new GLITCH products, and are 100% vegan. No animal testing is done at the OFRA Cosmetics Laboratories. The company prides itself on being cruelty-free and committed members of both PETA and Leaping Bunny.


Written by: Ashley West


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