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Curate used to only apply to people that worked in a museum. Today, as a culture embedded on the Internet, we curate everything that we present to the world. Our OFRA Insta feed is a literal representation of curation. And if I’m’s really freakin’ cool. But, sometimes it’s also cool to take a peek behind the fourth wall. See how the magic* happens (insert all of the Instagram Husbands accounts and all of the Instagram vs. Reality Memes here).



2018 is bringing all new vibes from the OFRA Fam, and we are excited to start creating all new content for our Beauties to swipe, double tap, and tag their friends in. This past weekend was our first brand photoshoot in a while. I’m just going to take a moment to state the obvious.




With that said, that’s all I can say about it. What’s that sound I hear? Oh, its the wheels turning all over the Internet. SIMMER.


The shoot was EVERYTHING. Over two days, models, crew, and the OFRA team created imagery that you will be seeing in the coming months.  Lead by Makeup Artist and all-around amazing Girl Boss, Taryll Atkins, we were on location at a local spot, Grove Studios.


The vision was to represent OFRA and you. Our models were from all different ethnicities, skin tones, and even skin types. Here’s the real fourth wall being smashed: Yes, even models don’t all have “perfect skin.” There was moisturizing, masking, and plenty of water-drinking on set.  Models, they’re just like us.

Here’s a list of even more things that I learned while being on set, including some tips for taking your own Insta-ready shots.


Tips and Tricks from BTS:

  1. Want that good light? Use a reflector to bounce natural sunlight onto your face. If you’re like me and you don’t have a reflector on hand, use a piece of cardboard from a box and wrap it in cellophane. Voilà.
  2. Don’t forget props. An old rotary phone, a hat, glasses, a box that props you up and makes you look taller (forget those aching heels!), or even food. Anything that will make you feel more grounded and in action while you take your photos will always help bring you out of your shell.
  3. Usually when they say “be natural”, the less natural you will feel. Awkward poses that looked like they hurt, arms twisted, back arched, shoulders hunched, made for the most amazing pics. Maybe the tip should be to do more yoga? Hmm.
  4. A leaf blower makes an excellent wind machine. Hello Beyonce.
  5. Everyone loves food.  That’s it.

Being on set was exhilarating and also exhausting, but so worth it. And I just want to add: SORRY FOR ALL OF THE INAPPROPRIATE CAPITALIZATION. The excitement cannot be contained.

*No magic. Just about 20 people, lots of cardboard, and lights everywhere.


Written by: Paula Toledo





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  • So excited for what’s to come! Such a great article! Thank you for adding tips and tricks! I’ll be trying a couple of them out. Love you guys!

    Angela P. on

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