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OFRA Favorites Inspired by Fall

Now it wouldn't be right if we didn’t start off the first day of Fall with some of our favorite OFRA products! While things are still pretty hot here in Florida, we’re sure everywhere else is seeing a change in weather so we will live through you all. The sun might be beaming but if we close our eyes for just a moment in our well-chilled office we can imagine the cozy sweatshirts (steal your bf’s for optimum comfort), that first sip of a PSL that touches your soul, that favorite knit blanket we’ve been dying to take out and curl up on the couch with, and the changing leaves inspiring all our warm and earthy tones for the season and so much more!

On today's FB Live Melanie and Gabby did some Fall inspired looks with what I have to say are all around faves here in the office. Check out the live stream to see how they got their looks and for now take a peek at a few of the items we are bringing in this season with!


Which of these beauties will you be picking up first?

Let us know in the comments down below! 


  • I would like to start doing this

    Dekoda Rosenberger on

  • Brickell!! 😍

    Sylvia on

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