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Everyday OFRA Products


As much as we love creating full glam looks, everyone has those days where a little skincare or makeup does the trick. Even on those mornings when you keep snoozing your alarm, there are just some products that will never be left behind. Read what the team has to say about which OFRA products are a part of their daily routines. Maybe you'll find your next go-to product

Paula's Go-To's

"Every morning for my face I use the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser & Vitamin C Cream. If you know me, you know my obsession with the HydraNourishing Body Lotion, so of course I am using it. As for makeup, no matter glam or not, you will find me going in with an OFRA Blush (any of them I love them all) and Verona LLLL by itself or mixed with something. Super simple and cute!"


Shaina's Go-To's

"One of my favorite cleansers is our Peptide Cleanser. This cleanser works so well with my dry and sensitive skin, a M-U-S-T H-A-V-E. I use it every day when I am in the shower. I also keep my Vitamin C Royalty Moisturizer at my desk and use it in the morning when I get into work. Another thing I have on my desk and in my purse is our compact mirror, it is great for touch-ups on the go."


Mariel's Go-To's

"While I alternate between cleansers, I always use our Essential Toner and one of our Serums (usually Collagen or B5, lately its been the Peptide C Serum). I don't wear makeup every day, but we are always trying new products out!  When I do wear makeup on an average day for me, I always set my under eyes and face with our Translucent Powder in Light, it's my fave!"


Rachel's Go-To's 

"Two. Products. Vitamin C Cleanser and Mascara. As long as I have my tried & true cleanser and my favorite mascara, I am good to go. With my combination skin, I struggled to find the right cleanser, but once I did I haven't looked back. As for my eyes, as long as my lashes are coated and poppin' I am happy!"


Gia's Go-To's 

"Day or night, I always use our Vitamin A & C Serum. It has cleared up my skin so much since I tend to break out. For makeup, I always use our HD Volumizing Mascara. It adds so much length and volume to my lashes. It also helps hold the curl."


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