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OFRA Team Creates Fresh Summer 2020 Looks With All New Eyeshadow Palettes

Summer 2020 could not have come soon enough. While we might be staying closer to home this summer, sun and fun can still be had. ThisSZN we are bringing bold brights and bougie bronzes with our All-new Inspired Signature Palettes, Beachside and Getaway. Each palette is inspired by and features one of our highlighters. Check out the palettes, plus the OFRA Team shows you some energy-infused looks with both palettes, our all-new glosses, and Makeup Fixer Trio.

For E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y I am definitely a Getaway type, but I'm always up for a challenge and I've been into tie-dye and watercolor looks lately so just looking at the shade Aquarius in the Beachside Palette set the mood. In the outer and inner crease of the eye, I used a blending brush to apply Country Road to create the base of the eyeshadow look and smoked it out on the bottom lash line. In the center of the lid, with my finger, I applied Aquarius. This step doesn't have to look perfect, it should be smudgy. I then used a hint of Pink Lady on a small blending brush and smudged it next to Aquarius. Finally, I mixed Bright Yellow and Star Island to brighten and pop the inner corner. On my lips, I outlined with Sedona LLLL and topped it off with Bare Lip Gloss. 


Beachside Signature Palette $32


After applying the Wet & Dry Foundation, I wanted to create a warm, vibrant look. To start off, I blended the shade Bitter-Sweet into my crease. To darken the crease and focus on my outer corner, I went in with the shade Raisin. I brought the look together with a lil' shimmer using the shade Eden. Once I topped the eyes off with some mascara and brown Fixline Eyeliner Gel, I popped some lip gloss on in the shade Bare.


Getaway Signature Palette $32


For my look, I dipped into both palettes from the new collection. I kept my look simple yet colorful. I started by applying the shade Bittersweet from the Getaway Palette into my crease. I next added the shade Bali on my lid for all the glitz and glam. Then I swiped Eden on my inner corner and brow bone. Next, I went into the Beachside palette and used the shade Pink Lady to deepen the outer “V” of my eye look. Then of course that required me to blend, blend, blend it all together. Finally, I used the shade bright yellow on my lower lash line for a pop of color. I finished this look off with lip gloss in the shade Bali.


I wanted to do something quick and simple and I ended up using all 5 shades in the new Getaway palette. I started blending Bittersweet into my crease, really blowing the shade out. Then I went into my crease targeting the outer corner with Rasin to deepen it up. I used my finger to apply Bali to my lid, I think it is one of our prettiest highlighters but it's too deep for my complexion so I love using it as an eyeshadow. I applied Blaze on my lower lashline and blended it out with Bittersweet to tie it in with what I had going on top of the eye look. Of course, I had to use Eden to highlight my inner corner, I love the gold shift this shade has! I finished the eye look with my HD Volumizing Mascara. On my cheeks, I did a combo of Madison Miller's Moondance and Ollie Need is Love, I thought the tone of the blush would go really well with the eye look I created with the Getaway Palette. I pulled out one of my fave lippies I haven't used in a while that was perfect for this look, Americano.



For my look, I went all-in with our Getaway Palette! I have fallen in love with this palette and shade combinations! I didn't need to use any other palette or shadows on my eyes! I used "Bittersweet" all over my lids and then went in with "Blaze" on my outer V and "Eden" as a brow bone highlight. I then used "Bali" in the center of my lids along with a tiny bit of "Raisin" on my lower lash line. I popped on mascara and used "Bellini" as my go-to blush, of course! Then a little bit of OFRA X Talia Mar "Soho" highlighter and on my lips my new favorite lip gloss "Bare"! This look made me literally want to go on a "Getaway" or layout in the sun by the beach! SO happy its summer even though it gets hot like hell in South Florida ;)




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