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OFRA Team Creates Hope Kits for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

NBCF OFRA Team Packing Party

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are proud partners of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. ® We were inspired to create this collection to help amplify the cause of this foundation to inspire, support, and educate those who are affected by breast cancer.

NBCF Packing Party

Besides creating Blushfuland Pink Bliss in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we had the honor of participating in a packing party where we came together as a team and put together Hope Kits. NBCF created Hope Kits, which are packages filled with thoughtful, comforting items that are distributed to patients as support and encouragement as they undergo breast cancer treatment. We packed out kits with a little something extra, including a Blushful Palette. As a team, we were most touched by writing each recipient a handwritten note to go along with their package.

As part of the packing party, we had the opportunity to meet Becca from NBCF to learn about some of the challenges Covid-19 posed for screenings and early detection. For this reason, RISE (Rally in screening everyone) became this year’s NBCF campaign message. The difference between diagnosing breast cancer in its early stages could be life-saving. NBCF has provided over 1.7 million breast health resources to women in need, including screenings.

Being a part of BCAM this year has really meant a lot to our team. Throughout the month of October, we’ve been sharing facts about breast cancer through our social media platforms and finding ways to bring more attention to the NBCF campaign. We’ve even incorporated you, the Beauties, in different challenges to help us reach our goal. It’s important to learn together and we really appreciate all of the support we have received throughout.

We thoroughly enjoyed packing these Hope Kits and including some handwritten notes. In one of the testimonies we saw, Patryce Sheppard tells us what it's like to receive a Hope Kit "It means someone is thinking about me.”

You can learn more about NBCF and its mission on as well as educational guides to share. Check out a quick video of the OFRA Team creating Hope Kits October 2021!


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