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OFRA Team Lip Art Challenge

Posted on 24 October 2017



This past Friday Mariel & Melanie, with assistance from Kate behind the camera, did a Facebook Live stream doing a lip art challenge inspired by Halloween, followed by an awesome giveaway. Both have an art background and while thinking this would be a piece of cake, it quickly became a challenge, but fun to say the least. With so many cool looks that you could achieve with just OFRA products alone, Kate and Gabby joined in on the lip action and created their own works of art for this festive season too.


Get the rundown on these looks + some insight into some halloween favorites from each of us on the OFRA Team!


Inspo: Vampiress

Lips: The Bronx and Venice liquid lipsticks, Luminous Lips (clear) Gloss

Eyes: Must Have Mattes Palette, Fixline Eyeliner Gel in Black & Light My Fire and Everglow Highlighter


Favorite Halloween Movie: When it comes to scary, anything Freddy Krueger. I also love Nightmare Before Christmas!

Favorite Candy: One of my faves is Reese's Peanut Buttercups

Favorite Costume: As a kid, I remember being absolutely obsessed with being a witch. I must have spent a few years being a witch in different ways. It’s still one of my faves, but I’ve really enjoyed challenging myself to do face makeup recently. I did the galaxy space look across the eyes last year and it came out pretty awesome for my first time!


Inspo: Galaxy

Lips: White Rabbit Fixline Eyeliner Gel, Grapeful Eyeliner, Cheeky- Cheekbone Enhancer, The Bronx, Palm Beach, Wonderland, Queens, Times Square and Bondi Beach liquid lipsticks, Bright Addiction Eyeshadow Palette.

Eyes: Eyeshadows in Deep Purple, Purple Haze, OFRA Pro Blush Palette and Stairway to Heaven Fixline Eyeliner Gel.


Favorite Halloween movie: “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

Favorite Candy: Bottle Caps

Favorite Costume: When I was 7 all I wanted for Halloween was to wear as much makeup as my mom would let me, and I didn’t want to wear playful Halloween makeup, I wanted to wear beauty makeup like an adult! We came up with the idea of a Geisha, and I was SO excited. I wore black winged liner (the best my mom was able to do at the time), bright red lipstick in a heart-like shape, and tons of powder! I even asked my mom to fill in my eyebrows!! I didn’t want to take the makeup off at the end of the night. Thinking about this now, I may have to bring this costume back....



Inspo: Grapefruit

Lips: White Rabbit  & Light My Fire Fixline Eyeliner Gel, Panama, Sunset Beach & Spell liquid lipsticks


Favorite Halloween Movie I'm going to have to be basic with this answer and go with "Hocus Pocus".. it's such a classic!

Favorite Candy: Sour patch Watermelon!

Favorite Costume: One year in college I was Snapchat! I loved it because it made everyone laugh and was quite the conversation starter.. Also anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession with Snapchat, so it just made sense.


Inspo: The Little Mermaid

Top Lip:  Black Eyeliner, The Bronx, Cape Town & Wonderland liquid lipsticks, Killer Queen and White Rabbit Fixline Eyeliner Gel, and White Diamonds Derma Mineral Powder.

Bottom lip: Fixline Eyeliner Gels in Green Vibrations, Black and Stairway to Heaven with Emerald City liquid lipstick and  Luminous Lips (clear) Gloss to make the whole look pop!

Eyes: I used our Must Have Mattes Palette, HD Volumizing Mascara, Crazy Pink and Rose blush and Glazed Donut on the highest part of my face... you're a mermaid, so glow!!


Favorite Halloween Movie: Let's be real... it's "Hocus Pocus, but I do also love Sleepy Hollow, I LOVE a good Tim Burton movie! Who's with me?!

Favorite Candy: Candy Corn!!

Favorite costume: Not a costume person, I just love dramatic makeup for Halloween! A classic skull always satisfies and there's so many different way to create one.


These looks challenged us in different ways forcing us to step out our comfort zones, but the outcomes were so cool and so fun to create! We hope we’ve inspired you to create something just as fun on this tiny canvas on your face using OFRA! If you have tried any of these looks or created your own, be sure to tag #ofra & #ofracosmetics to be seen and possibly get reposted on our social medias!

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