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OFRA Team Summer Faves

Summer is officially here and what better way to kick it off than with the OFRA Teams Summer Favorite picks? Skincare should be your top priority but when it comes to makeup that lasts or is perfect for the season, these are the ones we recommend:


Carine: “Our Black HD Mascara does not flake or smudge even during the hot summer Florida heat and keeps your lashes lifted all day :) And the plus side is you can remove it by splashing warm water on your eyes and gently rubbing your lashes as it comes off in tubes/pieces so no makeup remover needed or racoon eyes after!”



Mariel: “My summer fave has to be the Free Spirit Palette. It has everything you need for a full face, what more do I need really? There are so many fun colorful looks you could do, even more, subtle and natural or glam looks too!”



Gabby: “Blush Palette. It's my go to all year round but, especially in the summertime. Sun-kissed rosy cheeks are my go to. I can go light handed or a little heavier handed with the palette depending on my mood. It's an all in one palette that I can also use on the eyes (even the lips) how? I take a clean spoolie, rub it into my eyeshadow of choice, mix in a little bit of our Vitamin E Lipstick on the back of my hand or our Pro Mixing Palette and apply it with my fingers and walahhhhh! Rosy lips to go with those rosy cheeks .”



Melanie: “Turquoise Eyeliner- Perfect shade to add a pop of color in your makeup look while still being very wearable. Also makes brown eyes pop!”



Stay tuned to all things social with OFRA for more on special deals, new items launching and even more, coming this summer!  Trust us, you don't want to miss out on all that is to come ;)



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