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OFRA Team: We Tried Food Inspired Makeup Looks

Hey, Beauties! We were looking at the calendar and noticed how many National Food Days there were in the month of July. So the team thought let's do some fun or everyday glam inspired by a food day this month. If you're like us we are either talking food or makeup and this was a chance to bring our two passions together. Check out our looks below!

For National Piña Colada day I was inspired by the color of a pineapple! I used our White Rabbit, Yellow Submarine, and Green Vibrations Fixlines as the base of my eye and blended the shadows Bright Yellow, Lime, and Bright Green from the Bright Addictions Palette on top. I also added Eden from the Getaway palette to the inner eye corner and used our Brown Fixline for my wing. For my face I used the Magic Roulette concealer wheel to color correct and sharpen up my wing, I also used the Absolute cover foundation in #5, Translucent Powder in Light to set my face and the Gilded Palette for blush and bronzer. I added a touch of Bellini to my blush and A mix of Bali and Rodeo Drive to highlight all over. For my lips I created a lip cocktail mixing Rio and Reimagine LLLL and topped it off with Dash Flexi Slick for a bit of shine. Voila! Piña Colada inspired look complete!


Happy National Gummy Worm Day! I chose this day because I was excited to try a look inspired by the colors of sour gummy worms. For my pink/blue gummy worm eye I used Melon from the Bright Addiction palette on the inner half of my lid. I packed the color on my lid and start to create the worm S shape right above my crease. Then I mixed Bright Blue and Deep Purple for the outer half of my eye and start to flick it out towards my brow. For my orange/green eye I used Bittersweet, the orange shade from the Getaway palette, and added some Fire Orange from the Bright Addiction palette on the inner half of the eye and tried to mirror the shape I did for the other eye. For the outer corner, I mixed Bright Green and Lime Green from the Bright Addictions palette to get the shade I was looking for. I mimicked the colors I had on my lids onto the lower lash line. Then I got risky and pulled out our White Rabbit Fixline gel to intensify the wormy-S shape I had on my lid and drew on a thin white line on top of my eyeshadow look. I finished this eye look with my HD Volumizing Mascara. On my cheeks, I used Samantha March's River Bronzer, Start Inspired highlighter, and for blush, I used Sweet Stuff on the side of my pink/blue eye and Ollie Need is Love on my green/orange side. I mixed up my lips with both Revive and Refine for a nice mauve nude lip!


As someone who loves a natural look AND sugar cookies (who doesn't), I obviously chose to create an easy look in celebration of National Sugar Cookie Day. Recently, I have been loving going in with the Vitamin C Cream as my primer and topping it off with my go-to Wet & Dry Foundation. I finished my face off with the American Bronzer and Crazy Pink Blush. To bring the sugar realness to life, I went in with the Star Island Highlighter all over my lid and finished this simple eye-look with mascara. To complete the look with a light, yummy lip, I used our new collab shade with JenLuvsReviews, Revive, and topped it off with some lipgloss in the shade Bali. Nothing better than coming out of a challenge with a new look that can be worn any day!


Wooo National Lollipop day is upon us! I got this inspo from pinterest. For the eyes I used our Bright Addiction Pro palette. I used the shades Pink Lady, Fire Orange, Bright Yellow, Bright Blue and Bright Green to accomplish the spirals for this lollipop eye look. I added liner with the fix line gels in the colors Yellow Submarine, Stairway to Heaven, and Green Vibrations. For the flawless base I used the shades 7.25 and 7.5 in our absolute cover foundation. For glow it's a mix of our Syrup eyeshadow and Space Baby highlighter. For the lips I used our chestnut lip liner, Revive from the Metamorphosis lip set and Glossip over top for added shine.


Blueberry muffins are my fav. So I couldn't wait to create a look inspired by one! For my base, I used our absolute cover foundation in shade #4.5. I added the Samantha March blush in the shade Chick-lit to my cheeks and bronzed with the Hot Cocoa bronzer. Of course all blueberry muffins have to get baked. So I had to go all out and bake my face, using our translucent powder in the shade medium, I caked it on my face with a perfecting puff and let it sit. For the eyes, I began by blending 'Bright Blue' all over my eyes. I added 'Boy Band' from the Glitch 2000 palette to the middle of the lid. Lastly, I used 'Bling' in my inner corner to brighten my look. To finish my look, I used the Metamorphosis lip set to create a nude ombre lip. DING! DING! DING! The Blueberry muffins are hot and ready to eat!


Happy National Daquiri Day! I got inspiration from this eye look form a bomb Mango Daiquiri recipe that I love! The swirls of red and yellow are mesmerizing. To start I used our Fixline Gel in the shade Light my fire as a base, focusing more on the outer corner of the eye for more intensity. I used the shade Fire Orange as a transition color and then dipped in the shade Venus from the Franchesca Tolot Infinite palette and placed it on my outer corner for more depth. I cut my crease using the skin sculpting wand in the shade Sunrise and applied the shade Vitruvian from the Infinite palettes to my lid. I wanted More dimension on the inner corner, so I blended in the eyeshadow shade Yellow Submarine. Since daquiris are usually garnished with a slice of lime, I wanted to add a pop of green to my look. I used the shade Chartreuse on a small eyeshadow brush and applaud it to my lower lash line. After that I used my Verified eyeliner, HD Volumizing mascara and popped on a cute pair of lashes… and DONE!


I love Ice Cream! I mean who doesn’t? That’s why the minute I heard about this blog I picked National Ice Cream Day! I hope my look did it justice! I wanted to create an Ice cream cone and a melting effect on my face therefore I knew I needed the help of some of our most fun, and most vibrant colors we owned! I used out bright Addiction Palette and out 2 Glitches to get this look and enlisted the help of our Fixline Gel Eyeliners to add extra vibrancy! For the lips, I mixed using OFRAxJenLuvsReviews collection to create this fun color. I mixed Sunset Beach with Revive and voila! I love How the look turned out and I hope you do too!


Grand Marnier mixed with some sherbert is my idea of a summer cocktail for sitting by the pool! For National Grand Marnier (orange liqueur) Day, I decided to create an all-orange makeup look that goes from beachside hot to night out cool. For the eyes, I used Mai Tai Blush and blended it all over the lid. I then used a flat brush spritzed with Makeup Fixer and deepened Mai Tai for a bolder coverage vs a wash of color. I then went in with the eyeshadow, Syrup, and with my ring finger added it to the inner lid and inner corner of the eye. I could have stopped there but I wanted to add a little punch to this look. Using an angle brush and Spell Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick I created a wing liner. I warmed up my face with Format Bronzer/Blush and then added Mai Tai to the apple of my cheeks. For my lips, I wanted to go a bit more wearable, so I dotted OFRAxJenLuvsReviews Reimagine over Spell.


If you love food and makeup as much as we do, leave us a comment down below, and let us know your favorite national day to celebrate!


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