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OFRA x Nikkietutorials: Electro Glaze

Things are taking flight here at OFRA with our latest collab with beauty guru Nikkietutorials. Our newest highlighters in the OFRAxNikkietutortials Electro Glaze collection are taking things to new heights. At first glance Space Baby and Cloud 9 may look similar, but one swipe will elevate your whole makeup look to a new dimension with its duochrome finish, mixed with OFRA’s “melts into your skin” liquid-to-baked technology. Don’t be fooled by what looks like a white-based highlighter as these were made to glow on all skin tones. Let’s take a closer look at these beauties:

  • Space Baby $35: A blue-to-lilac shifter, goes on to the skin like an icy glaze
  • Cloud 9 $35: The pink-to-peach shade, is an everyday heavenly glow
(beautiful swatches by @jackyfbby)

Like all OFRA highlighters, Electro Glaze delivers luminosity in a liquid-to-baked powder that diffuses into the skin and outshines the rest making it otherworldly. These can be worn alone on a "no makeup" makeup day for that electrifying pop of sheen to the cheeks- or collarbone, or shoulders- honestly let's face it, we're probably putting this everywhere! You can also add these beauties to your Sci-Fi inspired makeup looks, 80's glam inspired looks or just your everyday go-to face makeup. Start planning your looks and get those carts ready ‘cause these beauties launch today at 1 pm EST!

Which one are you grabbing first? If you're indecisive you can always grab both in the Electro Glaze PR Collection Box Set retailing for $75. Get your hands on these goodies while they're here cause these babies wont be here forever! 

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  • Im so excited, Just ordered the cloud 9 cant wit

    Angela L Brown on

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