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Ofra's Current Makeup Routine

Last week on Instagram Live Ofra gets into her makeup routine, talks skin care and gives some helpful tips along the way! We know these lives are only up for 24 hrs so we wanted to give you a step by step in how Ofra achieves her everyday makeup look with a few simple products. 

Let's dive into her makeup tutorial:

Ofra had already done her base using the Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation and concealed with the Magic Roulette color correcting wheel. She proceeded to contour with the darkest shade of the California Dream Triangle using our small blending brush #21 for a more precise application- now that is something I will personally have to try for a more carved out cheekbone!

Next, she applies the blush from this same bronzer/blush trio and using Brush #27 Angle Brush goes from the apples of her cheeks upwards toward her ear.

Going in with Nikkies Cloud 9 Highlighter she uses another clean Brush #21 (also recommends the Brush #7 Highlighting Fan Brush depending on your preference) and applies that to the high points of her cheeks sweeping it around to her temples. Then using Space Baby she takes just a little bit to the high points of her cheekbones for an extra defined highlight look and also takes that same shade into her inner eye corners to brighten her eyes up.

She then goes in and bronzes all over with the lighter bronzer shade in California Dream Triangle bringing it down to her neck with a large powder brush.

Ofra’s current favorite long lasting liquid lipstick? Santorini - a berry pink with a metallic finish. And finally, Ofra finishes up her look with lightly filling in her brows with our Universal Eyebrow Pencil for a more defined yet natural look.

Tip from Ofra: you can use the eyebrow pencil as a lipliner too! Our eyeliners and lipliner pencils can be swapped for one another and used both ways. How cool is that?

And there you have it- Ofra's current makeup routine achievable with less than 10 products that will take you less than 10 minutes for a full face beat. Who's ready to try out Ofra's beauty routine of the moment?


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