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Our Ride or Die's


Have you seen our RIDE OR DIE Collection? This February, we launched this collection filled with the perfect pairs. We introduced Blushzers to the beauty community, which are split-pan duos with a blush and bronzer meant to complement one another. They can be used alone or swirled together. Created in three complexion shades to start and matched with a Liquid Blush. It was only fitting that we teamed up with our BFF and dipped into this collection. Check out our looks!

I have never been so excited for a blog as I was for this Ride or Die Blog... WHY? Because I get to share my Ride or Die with the blog world! Let me introduce you to Karla (@_KGmakeup) my BFF. I met Karla about 6 years ago when she was my beauty school student. I use to teach an advanced makeup class but to my surprise, she was already super advanced at makeup! She was great at all techniques from Glam to SFX and body painting, she was amazing at it all! After she graduated we stayed friends, and a year later I helped her get hired and teach with me. From then on we became close, and our kids became besties and now we share a friend group, all because of makeup!

Karla: Loyal Liquid Blush & Unit + Squad Blushzer

Shaq: Loyal Liquid Blush & Unit + Squad Blushzer


Time and space are not important to me and my ride or die, Alex. Living on different coasts doesn't stop us from twinning looks and sharing skin care routines and every single new "household" item we could ever want and never need. Our styles have definitely changed over the years, but we have always had our makeup bags filled to the brim even before YT taught us ;) A product that we can vibe on no matter what? BLUSH. Everyone at this point probably knows how much I LOVE BLUSH. Not afraid to say it. I would even say I could live without any makeup product except for blush. It was love at first sight with Ride or Die and I couldn't wait to send it to Alex. The love is real, and of course we had to wear matching makeup and our matching "Hoop Dream" earrings. Check out everything we used for our looks!

Alex: Loyal Liquid Blush & Unit Blushzer

Paula: Truly + Loyal Liquid Blush

We love the new Blushzers! The Squad Blushzer was perfect for me, Ileana, because it is a duo of a dark coral blush and a lush dark chocolate bronzer. The pigment goes a looooooong way, so a light swipes with the brush is all you need to get the rosiest cheeks. Monique also used the Squad Blushzer which she says gave her a natural glow and complimented her skin tone. The best part about this blushzer formula is that it didn’t smudge like most blushes do and lasted the whole day. We love how this is a perfect duo and eliminates having to pack multiple items. SO many compliments came our way! It’s incredible what the right blush and contour can do for you.

Monique: Squad Blushzer

Ileana: Squad Blushzer 


The Ride or Die collection, featuring me and my Ride or Die, Taylor! When we spoke about doing looks with our BFFs for this blog, I knew Taylor would be so excited. I remember being partnered together on the first day of Mrs. Helms' 10th grade English class for some ice breakers and her talking about how much she was into makeup and watching beauty videos on YouTube. She was the first person I called when I was hired at OFRA, it's safe to say makeup is something we talk about all the time. I hope you guys enjoy our Ride or Die makeup looks!

Taylor: Authentic Liquid Blush & Unit Blushzer

 Shaina: Unit Blushzer & Loyal + Truly Liquid Blush

I couldn't think of a better collection to incorporate our Ride or Dies into. I mean what's better than having one Taurus?! Having two! There's nothing better than having someone you instantly click with. What makes this better is we work together and couldn't wait to do our looks together.

Ashley: Squad Blushzer

Denise: Loyal Liquid Blush & Unit Blushzer


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