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Our Top 5 Glow Products


When it comes to out-shining the sun and bumping up your glow, there is A LOT that can go into. Buckle up and get your shades ready because we're about to tell you how to get the ultimate glow. Here at OFRA Cosmetics we are known for our liquid-to-baked highlighter formula, but that's not the only glow we have for you, Beauties.  

RCK Body Glow

Ok lets start off by talking about one of my all-time faves… our RCK Body Glow. RCK is the sister brand to OFRA Cosmetics created to bring the ultimate, natural body glow when you're hitting that red carpet. But my secret to this amazing product is mixing it in with my foundation for the ultimate body glow.      

Glow Up Highlighter Palette 

Of course, we all know how bomb our cosmetic highlighters are. We have a shade range for anyone to find their fitting color. Whether you're on the wild side want to dip into Neptune or prefer a universal shade like Rodeo Drive, you will find a cosmetic highlighter just for you. But why just get one? The best way to hit all the right shades is with our Glow Up Highlighter Palette. This palette is filled with endless glow including the shades Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Blissful, and Star Island.  

Shimmer Loose Powder 

Dip into our absolutely, insanely pigmented shimmer loose powders. Talk about SPARKLE. This will give your cheeks, body... wherever you want THAT glow. With five different shades from lightest to darkest you will definitely find the one that's right for you, Beauty. 

Rodeo Drive Face & Body Mist 

Whether you are looking to set or refresh our Rodeo Drive Face & Body Mist will give your skin the subtle glow it needs. This refreshing spray will mist your skin with the pearls found in our best-selling highlighter Rodeo Drive. Use this product to have the glow melt right into your skin. 

Rays of Light Primer 

And finally our Rays of Light Primer. Prime your skin with this satin finish shade to illuminate your skin without the fear of being too dewy. Wear it under foundation to find your glow from within or even wear it alone to bring warmth to the skin.


Written by: Rachel Fleischman 


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