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Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas from OFRA

Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas from OFRA

This one’s for the guys! Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s a great time to say “I appreciate you” with any of OFRA’s most versatile skin care products for men and women.

Ladies, look no further. The following are OFRA’s best gift ideas for those special men in your lives and remember to treat yourselves, too!
  • Let’s start with the Ingrown Hair Serum. All men want a clean, even shave. This soothing serum will eliminate ingrown hairs around the neck, face and back of the head and is infused with antioxidants, lavender, vitamin E and tea tree oils. Our ingrown hair prevention treatment is a calming and exfoliating formula that is gentle enough to apply anywhere hair removal causes skin irritation and/or redness.

  • OFRA’s Anti-Fungal Foot Mask is a great gift for the active sportsmen in your life. This mask is formulated with natural clays to draw out embedded dirt while simultaneously treating athlete’s foot, cleansing and deodorizing. Apply to feet at bedtime, wear cotton socks and let it work its magic while sleeping.

  • OFRA’s Foot Relief Cream is the ultimate revitalizing treatment and ideal solution for overworked and fatigued feet, protecting against drying, cracking and bleeding. It is formulated with vegetable origin omega fatty acids to restore softness and elasticity while smoothing away rough calluses. Made with natural ingredients and safe for diabetics, it works best when applied right before bedtime. This is when skin temperature is naturally elevated and there is increased circulation in the feet to promote faster healing. OFRA’s foot cream provides the ideal micro-environment for cracked feet to repair themselves.

  • ICY Herbal: Dramatic Muscle Pain Relief Cream with Arnica targets sore feet, body and back aches, bruises, sprains, sore muscles, cramps, inflammation or arthritis by alleviating pain. It can be used up to four times daily by gently massaging into painful areas until thoroughly absorbed into the skin. This is sure to be one of dad’s favorite items!

  • Let’s face it. Dad is usually the one slaving over the hot grill during summer. Maybe he enjoys playing a quick game of catch with the kids or shooting hoops with the guys. Any outdoor activity requires sun protection and OFRA’s quick and easy one step Sun Spray with SPF 30 has him covered. No more nagging him to rub on sunscreen when he’s got a go-to spray for protection all summer long.

  • OFRA’s Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser for combination and oily acne skin will balance oil secretion and reduce pigmentation, along with cleaning up erupted skin. Dad should use this product each morning for a vitamin C enriched fresh start to the day and every evening to combat skin’s exposure to dust and pollution. Even men need pampered, vitamin enhanced skin!

Check out our website here for more acne and skincare product gift ideas for Father’s Day.
Wishing all dads and granddads a happy and healthy Father’s Day!

Written by Mariel Fernandez - OFRA Team Member


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