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Q&A with Ofra

Posted on 18 August 2017


Over the past couple of days we’ve been receiving questions from those who follow us on social media, of what they would want to ask Ofra- the President of OFRA Cosmetics- to get to know her better whether work related, or not. We took it to Facebook live to give some of the viewers a chance to ask questions as well. If you missed out on the live stream, we’ve recapped it all for you here!

If you could only use one product what would it be and why?

Makeup: Mocha

Skin Care: Peptide Moisturizer


What is your go to lip color?

Ofra likes to play with multiple colors and create new shades with different liquid lipsticks: on camera, she’s wearing Santa Ana and Aruba- I think she inspired the girls in the office to try out this cool combo! 

What makes our products different than others?

We have full control on the manufacturing and use top quality ingredients. We don’t hold back with ingredients! Infusing skin care ingredients in makeup is what makes us unique.

What is Ofras favorite product she has developed and why?

Silk Peptide Complex Series- or as she calls it the “Rolls Royce” of skin care. From moisturizers to serums and more, this series consists of 6 products. Read more about Silk Peptides and their benefits here

What's your favorite aspect of having your own brand and company?

“Creating lots of new products”. The creativity and working hand in hand with our team to create new products are by far the most rewarding she says.

When did you get into makeup?

When Ofra was 15 years old she started to use makeup. Ofra started with blush, mascara and liquid eyeliner. From there she started to explore other types of makeup and the rest is history!

Where do you get your drive and motivation?

Ofra is very much a person who pushes herself wasting no time to get things done. Past experiences as she says “shape a person to take a leadership role and take charge in life”. Her father was a great motivation to her teaching her to be cool, calm and collective and be proactive.

What can we expect for future releases?

We can't expose our secrets just yet! But we have things coming up...you may have noticed something new coming in skin care which we are all excited about! We are soon releasing three new masks- the Brightening Mask, Volcanic Clay Mask and Ofra mentions how she loves the Revitalizing Clay Mask for her skin!

What is your favorite dish to make?

Ofra loves to cook and bake! “Goulash soup. I love making goulash soup! My son loves when I make spaghetti bolognese.. but there are so many- stuffed peppers and chicken curry is one of Carine’s favorites”

What is your morning routine?

It starts with the Foaming Kiwi Cleanser- which Ofra says is more for dry skin, followed with B5 Moisturizing Serum & Peptide Moisturizer and then Peptide Activator around the eyes. She then continues with her makeup application.

In the evening she uses the 2Phase Makeup Remover for her eyes and then the Revitalizing Cleanser & Kiwi Cleanser. At night she uses the Peptide Silk-C Serum and switches between the Vitamin C Cream, Firming Night Cream and Peptide Moisturizer and always using the Peptide Activator around eye and lip area.

Will Ofra herself be at GenBeauty NY?

”YES! Looking forward to seeing you guys, come and say hello! We promise you big surprises!” - Well, you heard it from Ofra herself, so if you’ll be at GenBeauty NY make sure to stop by!

What's a lesson you have learned from your mom that you wish others knew about?

This was a question targeted to Carine about her mom. Ofra learned a lot from her dad that was implemented into her everyday life. Two things she’s always said is “she doesn't want to hear: I'm tired and I'm bored because there are always things to do”.


Where do you want to see the company in the next 3 years?

“We’re growing very rapidly, So fast it’s really amazing”. With tons of things planned and many currently in the works, we have a lot of new things coming to OFRA! Be sure to follow us on social media to get updates on everything you’ll need to know.

The Facebook live stream is still available to watch on our page, OFRA Cosmetics, so be sure to check it out and see what more Ofra had to say.


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