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Re-Creating Trends Using OFRA’s Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

A quick disclaimer: Make sure to practice caution when using the liquid lips on the eyes, as everyone’s skin reacts differently, although many bloggers and customers have tried it out without any allergic reaction.


Makeup is wonderfully fun to experiment with and it’s always especially inspiring to see the endless posts from Youtube and Instagram beauty gurus. But at a certain point, is it really worth it to spend tons of money on a neon palette you’ll only use once? The beauty of OFRA products is that they can be used in multiple ways, so you won’t end up having drawers filled with excess, unused products that may eventually expire and be tossed away. Here are just a few ways to use our best-selling OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks to re-create trending makeup looks.

Angular Eyeshadow


Due to our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick’s moussey formula, the product can be easily blended all over the lid with an initially creamy formula that dries down matte for a look that lasts all day, especially in the warm summer months. To step up the trend-friendly factor in your look, create a boxy eye shape using one of our metallic lip shades and the Brush #4-Angled Eyeliner, perfect for drawing sharp, precise lines.

We recommend:

Fifth Ave, a bright gold

OFRA x NikkieTutorials' collab shade in Coven, a deep bronze

 Times Square, a shimmering silver

 Emerald City, an earthy triple-chrome 

Hawaii Tropical, a shiny green

 Solano, a warm bronze

 Purple Rain, a royal purple

Wonderland, a vibrant duo-chrome with a pinky purple base and blue shimmer

Plumas, a dark metallic pink

Monaco, a cool, icy pink

 OFRA x NikkieTutorials' collab shade Spell, a neon coral- pink shade with a slight sheen.

Eyeliner Art


Liner art is one of the coolest ways to enhance your eye makeup, but a lot of eyeliners are either too stiff or dry too fast, making it next to impossible to create detailed looks.  That’s where the liquid lip comes in. It dries quickly enough for you to layer it, but is easy to use in a paint-like way. For a wearable take on liner art, try out the new bubble eyeliner trend, by drawing a normal winged liner as you usually would, without connecting the top of the wing diagonally back down to the eyelid. Dip the OFRA #10-Lip Brush into the  Bronx Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick shade and, starting from the inner corner, press the brush on the lid, pick it up, and then repeat the step until you arrive at the point of the wing, making sure that the edges of each bubble touch, but don’t overlap. To spice up the look, use one of our brighter, more colorful liquid lipstick shades as a liner, such as Bondi Beach, Cancún, Maui, New Orleans, Surfers Paradise, or Venice.

Metallic Freckles


Whether enjoying the outdoors while listening to some of today’s most popular artists at music festivals or trying something new in makeup, this crazy cool makeup trend has been popping up all over festivals, and one of my personal favorite trends, the metallic freckles. Using our metallic liquid lipsticks in the shades Coven, Fifth Ave, and Times Square mixed with a bit of OFRA Makeup Fixer, dip the OFRA Brush #7-Highlighting Fan in the mixture, position the fan brush about half an inch away from the face and lightly tap the handle of the brush to create a full face of freckles. By mixing the fix-it spray and liquid lipstick, the liquid lipstick will become more liquidy, and therefore be able to splatter all over the face.

For a more precise look, use the OFRA Brush #1-Eyeliner and dip the brush in the liquid lipstick itself, then dot onto the face. You can even create monochromatic metallic freckles by taking multiple different metallic liquid lips in the same color scheme and dotting them all around your cheeks and nose. Have fun with it!

Under-the-Brow Eyeshadow


Bright colors can be hard to pull off but are super fun to use all year round, whether you’re going out or just hanging by the pool. A modern take on incorporating bold color into your look was seen at Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring-Summer ‘17 Runway. Using our bright, summery orange shade Surfers Paradise, or a beautiful winter berry shade like Cape Town,  take our precise, rounded Brush #31 and create a thick, rounded stripe that begins at the tail-end of the eyebrow and curves downwards towards the inner corner, avoiding the lid and crease entirely. To make the look more seamless, tap on some lipgloss.


Check out these beauties putting OFRA lippies to work:


If you try out any of these looks, be sure to tag us in your pictures and use the hashtag #OFRACosmetics for a chance to be featured on our social media!

Written by Annika Polatsek


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