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Skincare Ingredients You Should Start Using

Posted on 10 February 2017

With so many different skincare products on the market, it can be a confusing and convoluted process determining which properties to identify in your favorite products’ ingredient list. While there are certainly ingredients to avoid, today we want to highlight some of the most beneficial ingredients to maintain a clear complexion and youthful appearance. OFRA Cosmetics offers a wide range of skincare items for all skin types and concerns. Read on to learn more about the items you may want to consider incorporating into your current skincare routine.







If you are in your mid-twenties or older, you might want to consider using retinol. This wonder product transforms skin and slows signs of premature aging in multiple ways. Retinol gradually resurfaces skin, reduces the visibility of sun damage and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Apply OFRA’s Retinol Cream to crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead or anywhere you are personally prone to wrinkling.







Both Sodium Hyaluronate and Hyaluronic Acid are primarily used to moisturize. Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body and helps to make the face appear plumper and hydrated. Sodium Hyaluronate, however, is more condensed and holds even more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid. It is especially skilled at permeating the skin to maximize moisture potential. Apply OFRA’s B5 Moisturizing Serum to clean skin for an instant surge of hydration. It’s like a glass of water for your face!







Vitamin C is one of the most versatile supplements to add to your skincare routine. It works overtime to brighten your overall complexion, provide potent antioxidants and resurface skin. Look for a high concentration (generally between 15% and 25%) to ensure the product will deliver results. Apply the OFRA 25% Vitamin C Serum to treat problem areas or all over face to achieve a refreshing glow.







Salicylic Acid is an exfoliant that acts as an anti-inflammatory to relieve the redness acne and other skin eruptions can cause. Similarly, Benzoyl Peroxide decreases skin’s oil production which causes acne in the first place. Spot treat problem areas with OFRA’s Acne Treatment Cream. The formula will target bacteria and increase skin turnover to heal acne and clear skin.








Peptides are comprised of essential skin proteins that encourage firmness and overall youthful appearance of skin. As we age, we gradually lose these naturally occurring proteins. Peptides help to restore the tired and deflated look that can appear from this decrease in protein production. OFRA offers an entire skincare range incorporating Silk Peptides, extracted from synthetic silk (Vegan). The Silk Peptide range includes a cleanser, hydrating mask, whitening mask, moisturizer, serum and wrinkle treatment all of which include silk peptides. If you want to start with one product, we recommend applying the OFRA Peptide Silk-C Serum all over the face after cleansing and toning.


Which skincare ingredients can you not live without?


Share with us and comment below!



Written & Photographed (product shots) by Justine D’Addio – OFRA Team Member


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