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Holiday Look Essentials

Ah yes, the holidays. It finally feels like somewhat of a winter here in South Florida now that it’s dropped below 70 degrees and I think we’re officially ready for all the gatherings, food and gift giving one could do during this season.  While our social team exchanges secret Santa gifts, we also got ready for our holiday office party! I asked the girls what their holiday look essentials were and some other fun questions based on the season so let's take a look at their responses!


My holiday look essentials include our All of The Lights Highlighter. No matter what I look I decide to do I know that I have a highlight shade to go with it whether that's mixing all the shades or selecting one or two.

Our Hot Toddies holiday set is also essential because it contains 4 Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in the perfect shades for any holiday look! I can go bold with a red or keep my eyes full glam with a nude lip- they’re also super travel-friendly and are perfect to just toss in your purse for any touch-ups throughout the night.

Last but not least Cleanse if Off Wipes for any day to night lip changes or to remove all my makeup by the end of the night- these are a must-have!

My favorite part of the holidays? Really just getting together with family & the food that comes with it. But also, buying presents for my nephews! My family is pretty small so seeing the little ones faces light up is the ultimate reward.

On my wish list this year is to get rid of my student loan (I know some of you feel me on that!) but on a more realistic side of my wish list is a firewood smelling candle, I’m simple! They are my fav scent and remind me of cold winters (that don’t exist here in FL) back home in NY!


My top 3 holiday essentials are the Must Have Matte's Palette - you can do a cute little soft moment for dinner with your family or a full-on smokey eye for going out with your friends,
Atlantic City Lip which is a gorgeous red that makes my teeth look so white, Santa is coming for my gig. And lastly, the Moisture Repair Mask - because after being in the cold all day and wearing makeup all night, my skin needs some moisture. And it's the easiest mask to use.

My favorite part about the holidays: I really love seeing my baby cousin's open their presents and get so excited while my family chats about everything and watches "Die Hard" (which is totally a Christmas movie).

On my wish list, this year is some new artwork for my apartment and new shoes that feel like I'm walking on clouds.


During the holiday season, I feel like a red lip is essential. It's festive and helps me turn a day look into a night look. If I just have a simple eye look on, I can always throw a red lip on and my look goes from everyday natural and simple to holiday party ready! My current go-to red is Brickell. Another must-have during the holidays is a metallic gold shadow, currently, I’m obsessed with Gold Flake. I apply it with my finger on my lid and it is SO pigmented and buttery. It enhances my look and takes about 2 minutes! For our holiday party, I’m probably going to use the two essentials I mentioned above as my completed look! I’ll definitely be topping it off with highlight… I’m thinking Star Island for a nice ivory neutral dewy look.

My favorite part of the holiday season is the fact that we FINALLY get cooler weather! When the temperature drops down here in South Florida, I know we are heading right into the holiday season and it’s time to gear up for family, friends, gifts and lots and lots of food. This year on my wish list I have my eyes on a new pair of glasses! Ya girl CANNOT see without squinting LOL


My skincare essentials, especially during the winter our Vitamin C Cream, I NEED it especially when it’s cold and dry outside, also our Pure Vitamin E Lipstick saves my lips this season and of course all year round I cannot live without our Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser.
For makeup, I feel like no holiday look is complete without a sharp winged eye look so our Black Fixline Eyeliner Gel is a must. Also, a red or vampy liquid lipstick like Havana Nights is perfect for the season!! And I can’t forget highlighter! I normally wear Glazed Donut but Rodeo Drive is a must during the holidays!

My favorite part of the holiday season is the Christmas lights people decorate their house with. Also the small acts of kindness I encounter around the holidays is so wonderful!! But I can’t lie, I look forward to going on a cruise - I go on one every year to disconnect and recharge for the new year!



My holiday essentials are Havana Nights, a beautiful brick red perfect for the winter season and all your holiday festivities, the Hydra Nourishing Body Lotion because it is essential to keep your skin hydrated but not overly greasy. And, lastly, Beam The Haters Highlighter is perfect for my skin tone and what I will be rocking at our holiday party!

My favorite part of the holidays has to be the food and getting to spend time with my loved ones. Wish-List includes the new Casteify DHL Phone case (cause, trendy), an aloe plant &  more music from Rihanna.



We hope you love our holiday essentials and find some inspo for gifting this season. Don't forget to treat your self too! cause there's nothing like a little self-care and beauty to go along with it ;)


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