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Spray Hand Sanitizers vs Liquid

Hand sanitizer isn’t just a trend, it’s something we always need no matter where we are. At OFRA Cosmetics, we have hand sanitizers that come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms. Check out the teams go-to formula:

"Out of all the hand sanitizer products we now have, I prefer our 3oz squeeze bottle. I can understand why the team wanted to come out with spray versions of our hand sanitizers, but I prefer the liquid formula. I love that it's in a squeeze tube and I just have to pop the lid open to get the product out. It dries quickly on my skin with an awesome scent. I am just a simple type of gal and like the functionality of a squeeze tube and gel-like formula more."

- Carine

"While I love using a good liquid hand sanitizer, there is nothing like a spray. My go-to when it comes to quickly sanitizing is the Spray Hand Sanitizer in the scent Energy. This formula is light and quickly absorbs."

- Rachel

"I prefer using our liquid Hand Sanitizer. I feel like the texture reminds me more of soap and makes me feel like it's really cleaning and disinfecting my hands."

- Shaina

"I love our spray hand sanitizer because it just seems less messy and I can spray the entire surface of my hands, so I feel like I have everything covered. Plus, sometimes I spray a bit on my steering wheel when I get in the car after shopping if I don’t have any wipes. Energy is the scent I prefer for a nice burst of citrus, but Comfort feels warm and homey as well, and sometimes that’s just what I need."


"I prefer using the spray hand sanitizer in the scent Energy. I love how easy it is to spray on my hands and go. I like to keep it in my car or purse to have with me at all times! And the citrus-y scent smells AMAZING! I'm obsessed"


"I prefer the spray over the gel as it dries faster, it especially convenience when you’re on the go. The Energy scent stays in my purse at all times and Comfort is at my desk whenever I need it. They smell great and make me feel like I'm doing my part."




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