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Staff Picks for 2018 - Ofracosmetics

As we say goodbye to the last year, our staff reminisce on our favorite posts and pics of 2018! A lot has changed in one year, from completely revamping our brand in our massive “Glow Up” to reaching over 1 Million followers on Instagram. We are so proud of the changes and experiences 2018 has given us, and we want to share our favorite posts with you.

  • Mariel’s favorite picture from June is the rebrand party, “...throwin’ it back to our rebrand party! This was THE highlight of 2018 and I love our new logo and colors!”


    • Jennifer’s pick from August is this gorgeous eye look from @raphaelamua, “... I love her use of the color yellow, it really screams Summertime/festival season. I’m also really obsessed with her more editorial styled eyebrows. It's a super fun look that I would love to do on myself!”


      • Joselyne’s picture of our Perfecting Puff in December holds a special place in her heart, “... I love and am emotionally attached to this picture because it represents a moment for me when I had an idea that I executed to perfection (if I do say so myself)... I envisioned a shot of our perfecting puff and luckily it came out perfectly. I also shot this on film which is a hobby I recently picked up again, but anyways, it’s a beautiful shot!”


        • Shaina’s favorite moment from July is a group photo from the photoshoot for the company’s rebrand. She felt that this picture represented the moment that the actuality of the rebrand was happening, and that everyone’s hard work was finally coming together.


          • Paula brings it way back with this post from July of @nathaliegrantiz. She describes this picture as one that showed how our brand has evolved from being a Full-Service Day Spa to a huge brand with major influencers wearing our products.


            • Michele picked a photo of @jazmyneparis, makeup was done by @ellaorso from June, “... this photo shows how makeup has changed and continues to change. Women and men are allowed to use cosmetics to do almost anything; from changing the complete structure of the face to just adding a little highlight and lipstick. Makeup had no rules in 2018, and it’s continuing into 2019.”


            • Last but certainly not least, Carine shows one the most epic “Gotcha!” moments of 2018. On April 1st, Twitter user @makeupgirlies tweeted out a “fake” discount code to his followers as a joke. Carine saw it as an opportunity to give back, Me being me I decided to play off the joke and created the discount code "girlies" immediately and tweeted him back saying how the joke is on him and that we really did create a code for him. It was one of those moments where you feel so connected with your fans and followers and seeing everyone's genuine reaction to a brand doing something like that was just too funny and incredible... it's things like this that really bring a lot of joy to my heart and makes me so thankful for the job I am blessed with”


            Some other “Honorable Mentions” from 2018:

            Honorable Mention 1 - November

            Honorable Mention 2 - July

            Honorable Mention 3 - July

            Honorable Mention 4 - October

            Honorable Mention 5 - July

              We hope you Beauties had a wonderful 2018, and wish you all a Happy New Year!


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