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Summer Product Picks

Posted on 15 July 2016

Summer Product Picks
The social media team shares our favorite OFRA products!

We’ll admit it. Working in the beauty industry can be a lot of fun. As a social media team member, one of the perks of our job is to test out the company’s professional makeup and skincare products. We try to give our social media family exclusive virtual access to products both old and new. We truly love engaging with the OFRA audience whether it’s filming behind-the-scenes sneak peaks for Snapchat or demonstrating products live on Periscope. Aside from testing products, one of our favorite things to do is discuss our most loved items at the moment. It was difficult but we managed to round up our top three to four skincare and makeup items that we just can’t live without this summer!
Mariel Fernandez
Specialty: Digital Creative

“I use my Vitamin C Cream religiously! I apply it practically every morning after my shower to keep my skin hydrated and enriched with vitamins. The citrusy scent naturally enhances your senses which I love. I go to the beach almost every weekend so it’s important to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. With the added SPF 20 the cream provides, my skin stays moisturized throughout the day. I’ve been using the Vitamin C cream for the last month or so and my skin has been super soft, looks healthy and is evenly toned all over. I keep a pretty simple, natural makeup routine consisting of mostly tinted BB cream, bronzer, mascara, lipstick and blush. I love the Illuminating Blush Stripes to add a natural glow to my face. It has four shades and I usually pick one for a shimmery eye look or mix all to highlight (depending on my mood). I love products that can be used in more than one way so this is definitely one of my favorites! When I’m feeling a little bolder and want to brighten up my look, one of my go-to lipsticks is the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Cancun. It’s such a gorgeous pink-magenta shade that adds a pop of color and looks great with my skin tone and is super moisturizing. It survives a full work day, lunch included – no lie! It’s a great shade to take any look from day time at the office to a post-work night out. Love, love, love the OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks!” 
Kate Lazarus
Specialty: Influencer Outreach

“If there’s one thing that helps me wake up every day besides my morning matcha tea, it’s definitely the Foaming Vitamin C Cleanser. Between the citrus scent and clean feeling it gives my skin, I can always count on this cleanser to kick start my day. Now that summer has started, I love playing around with different lip colors. My two current obsessions are our Long Lasting Lipsticks in Laguna Beach and Cocos Island. Both shades provide a fun pop of color that is still very wearable. Most days I will apply these lippies around 8AM when I’m getting ready for work, and will go a whole day without touching them up. When I get into my car at 5PM and look at myself in the mirror, they always still look flawless. Summers down here are a makeup lover’s worst nightmare. Between South Florida’s infamous mix of heat and humidity, it is hard to keep any makeup on for more than a couple of hours. Because of that, my latest summer staple is the Makeup Fixer. If I spray this onto my face as a last step in my routine, I know that everything will be locked into place. I can count on the fact that my blush, bronzer, and highlight won’t be practicing their vanishing act midday. Everything is guaranteed to remain just as vibrant as when I first applied it!”
Justine D’Addio
Specialty: Copywriting

“I am sort of the office minimalist. I really like to let my skin breathe during the week so I typically only use an SPF moisturizer, concealer if I need it, brows (always brows) and a tinted lip color. I have extremely dry skin and the B5 Moisturizing Serum really helps to add a surge of moisture to my face in the morning before I apply my daily moisturizer. Seriously, I need all the moisture I can get! Next, I go in lightly with the Universal Eyebrow Pencil. For the most natural look, I apply light strokes to the center and out towards the ends so that the front hairs are left alone. Lip balms are my jam and I always have a few on me but I recently tried the Vitamin E Lipstick which is exactly what it sounds like: pure Vitamin E in lipstick form. I especially love this because I don’t have to stick my finger into a pan. Instead, I can quickly swipe the moisturizer on my lips mess-free. Since I always rock a plain face, a pop of color is necessary. The Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Santa Ana is my perfect shade because it’s a combination of reds, pinks and berries, all of which look great with a little to no makeup face. The fact that it lasts throughout the work day is such a bonus because when you’re working hard, the last thing you want to worry about is re-applying.”

Carine Trezza
Specialty: Social Media Management

“I like more of the basic day-to-day type of makeup look. My cult must-haves in my purse enhance the features of my face extremely fast and make all the difference in the world. I jokingly call it “car makeup” as I normally put these items on when my husband is driving and I want to quickly put on my face before we arrive somewhere. Eyebrows are SO important and truly do frame your eyes. My brows are short so I always use the Universal Eyebrow Pencil to extend them and fill them in, making my eyes appear larger. Then, I use our HD Volumizing Mascara. This mascara is so awesome because it has fibers in it to build on the formula and make your lashes longer and thicker without looking clumpy. There is a silicone comb wand (not the typical bristle wand). You just have to work quickly with the product before it dries. So, I apply mascara to my top lashes then wait for them to dry. Meanwhile, I apply our Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Mocha on my lips. You do not even need a heavy makeup remover to remove all of these items. I am a simple person who likes the convenience of easily applying makeup which is why OFRA’s Universal Eyebrow Pencil, HD Mascara and Mocha Liquid Lipsticks are my everyday favorites.”
Watch the team live on Periscope @OFRACOSMETICS every other Friday at 12PM EST where we discuss the latest and greatest OFRA beauty products!
Written by Justine D’Addio – OFRA Team Member

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