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OFRA Blog — Arch


Graduate in Style

  Happy Grad Season!   If you happen to be graduating soon, congratulations! I’m sure you’ve been wondering about what kind of makeup you want to do for your big day. Hitting a milestone this big deserves a killer look, and let’s not forget about the hundreds of pictures you will look back on from years to come. Trust me, you want to look flawless. Whether you want to go full glam, or just elevate...

Eyebrows Through the Decades

  Brows are the defining feature of the face; they’re the curtains to the eyes’ windows.  Nowadays, full brows are embraced and celebrated, a stark contrast from the overly plucked brows of the 90s and 2000s.  For many decades, brows have been growing and shrinking based on the style shown by celebrities everywhere from the silver screen and the stage to the runway.  To see the trend of time, check out this flashback to the...