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Post-Holiday Skin Care

  Now that things are settling down from all the holiday cheer it's time for a skin refresh! If your days went anything like mine, where chocolate and candy were in constant rotation at work, and you couldn't stay away from the sweets whether baking for a holiday party or indulging in them, “no” was just not an option. Not to mention the drinks that were flowing and some nights of forgetting to remove all...

7 Important Skin Ingredients to Start Using Now!

Do you really know which ingredients are in your products? OFRA specializes not only in makeup but in skin care as well. We use only the most natural ingredients and are vegan and cruelty-free. Among many of the skin loving ingredients found in our products, we’ve selected a handful that is essential to achieving beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin!          We have a whole line of products dedicated to peptides. The OFRA Silk Peptide complex...

Happy National Beauticians Day!

  If you didn’t know already, today is National Beautician's Day, and we’re celebrating by learning some skincare tips from Ofra herself! For those of you who don’t already know Ofra, the founder of OFRA Cosmetics is a licensed esthetician with over 30 years of experience in the industry.  She has had salons all over the globe and has worked on thousands of clients. Ofra cultivated all of this experience and started OFRA Cosmetics with...

Pampering Products

Pampering Products Because after a long hard week… you deserve it   Once in a while, it feels great to skip Friday happy hour and go straight home for a much needed evening of rest and relaxation or (as I like to call it) “Me Time”. This is a great opportunity to put the work week behind you and be extra kind to yourself by indulging in some pampering. You may enjoy reading a book...

How to Target Your Skin Type

How to Target Your Skin Type Diversity is celebrated within the beauty industry. Whether you have brown, hazel, gray, green or blue eyes, certain makeup products can make your eyes stand out even more and accentuate the beauty that is uniquely yours. The same applies to foundation shades and skincare is no different. Knowing your skin type can make it easier for you to find OFRA’s perfect solutions for any skincare issue and also create...

How to Prep Skin for Makeup

How to Prep Skin for Makeup Pharrell Williams, known beyond his musical and fashionable influences for his impeccable skin, said, “You have to clean your face; you can’t sit around and assume it’s going to be ok.” In other words, pay attention to your skin! During a radio interview with Angie Martinez, he revealed his flawless skincare secret,“Washing my face, paying attention to it…I mean little small stuff. Naomi Campbell taught me a couple of...

Essential Morning Skincare Routine

Photo credit: Clumps of Mascara   According to research and my very own personal philosophy, the most important part of your day is the very first 20 minutes of it. These crucial 1200 seconds set the tone for the remainder of the day, and can ultimately determine whether or not you freak out when someone cuts you off in traffic, or whether you just smile and brush it off. While Yoga is always a popular choice...