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Ofra's Current Makeup Routine

Last week on Instagram Live Ofra gets into her makeup routine, talks skin care and gives some helpful tips along the way! We know these lives are only up for 24 hrs so we wanted to give you a step by step in how Ofra achieves her everyday makeup look with a few simple products.  Let's dive into her makeup tutorial: Ofra had already done her base using the Absolute Cover Silk Peptide Foundation and concealed...

Five Minutes to Flawless: Makeup for Moms On the Go

Moms know all about multitasking- it’s a big part of their everyday lives! Whether they’re working or stay-at-home moms, they always have their hands full with a million different responsibilities.  Makeup, of course, is not a priority of the long list of things to do, but putting on makeup in the morning is a nice way to take time out of the day that is solely for the purpose of pampering! Here’s a step-by-step routine...