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  Doing my makeup usually involves me listening to music, drinking tea and looking up makeup looks for some inspo. It's pretty much a therapy session that could last up to two hours #SorryNotSorry. However, there are so many occasions in which I need to just get out the door ~mostly my own fault for hitting the snooze button until there’s no more time to snooze~ but I know I’m not the only one struggling...

Recreating Face Charts with the OFRA Team

Just one of the many other national holidays we’re loving- it’s National Creativity Day, and what better way to express ourselves creatively than with makeup! The OFRA Team took on a challenge of recreating face charts by the IG famous @milk1422 , known for creating beautiful and intricate face charts with makeup from the softest glam to the most colorful and bold looks. Check him out for yourself, maybe you’ll find some inspo like we...

Gabby & Melanie Switch Makeup Routines!

  Today on Facebook Live, team members Gabby and Melanie are up for a new challenge. With completely different makeup styles, these two decided to switch their everyday makeup looks following each other's tips and tricks along the way to try out new techniques and products neither have used before.   Here are Gabby and Melanie rocking their everyday look:     Gabby typically goes for a more natural look with bold feathery brows, glowing...

The Free Spirit Palette

  With the renewing and refreshed energy Spring brings, we’re ready to shed layers (pun intended) and bring this revitalized spirit into the warmer seasons. With our upcoming launch of our Free Spirit Palette approaching, we’re encouraging you to express yourself & show off who you are. (photo by @angelamarytanner)   The Free Spirit Palette launches March 20, 2018, at 1 pm EST, a $190 value retailing for only $79. This palette features full face...

4 Valentines Inspired Makeup Looks

  Our newly launched Me, Myself, & I Collection is giving us all the feels. Anticipating the use of our new products, the OFRA team was feeling inspired to create looks we’d wear for Valentine’s Day or any occasion. Here are four different ways to use our new collection and hopefully these looks will help inspire you too, for whatever festivities you may be indulging in.   “I'd wear this look to Rocco's Tacos for...

Contouring Essentials

  Contouring is one of those trends we were on the fence about as we came to a close of 2017 looking back on a year of some of the best and worst trends we've seen. Extreme contouring (including chest, neck and other body parts) was not a favorite, however, a well applied subtle contour to the face can really make a difference in your appearance and enhance your features so we’re still here for it!...

The Best and Worst Trends of 2017

    This year came in fierce and has almost blown right past us. What a year! Am I right? From some of the most loved trends to some of the worst we have seen, (nostril hair extensions? Yuck!). We’re giving you a roundup of some of our faves from over the year and just to balance it out, some of our unloved ones too. Worst of 2017: Unicorn Everything- enough with the unicorn looks!...

From Day to Night: New Years Eve Ready Makeup

New Years is quickly approaching and we’ve taken a dive into the OFRA makeup arsenal to come up with a quick way to transform your day to day makeup look into a New Years Eve ready look. Whether heading out straight from the office or simply working with what you got, you can easily transform your everyday makeup look into a glam, holiday party night look with a few OFRA products you may already have....

Signature Palette in Exquisite Eyes is Back and Here to Stay!

  Today we brought back our Signature Palette- Exquisite Eyes previously available only for a limited time in our Sleigh the Holiday Gift Bag. This five-piece shadow set contains shimmers and mattes to take your eye look from day to night seamlessly. As winter is on the rise, go from soft and glowy looks, to deep and alluring making the eyes the center of attention.    Shades included from left to right:  •Peach - glowy warm nude shimmer...

Zodiac Holiday Gift Guide

Gift giving is not always the easiest and we’d hate to get a gift for someone we thought they’d like and turns out they end up returning it or exchanging for something else. We want it to be thoughtful and may be of some significance for that person. Have they been complimenting your lipstick every time you wear it? Maybe they’ve been raving about a new trend they want to try. Things like this can...

Ofra's Top Holiday Picks This Season

  Recently we’ve taken a look at some of our teams favorite holiday picks, and we’re here today to give you some more gift inspiration from Ofra herself. If you missed out on the OFRA #snapchat yesterday, not to worry, this is the full rundown of her choices. Ofra’s top holiday picks: As a first step to treat the skin Ofra recommends the Peptide Hydrating Mask to keep your skin nice and hydrated for even...

Holiday Gift Guide

  Ah, the holidays! A time for giving, and hoping you get what you wished for. Ever heard the phrase “gift what you would want to get”? Whether it's picking out a gift for your younger cousin who’s into makeup, hinting at your aunt who needs a little skin rejuvenation or that co-worker you barely know but got stuck to buy a gift for after picking their name out of a hat, OFRA has tons...

Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We have all had our share of makeup mishaps, even those who walk the red carpet have, but learning from them is what takes our makeup to the next level. We’ve listed some common mistakes that are made in beauty routines as well as ways to fix them and perfect your look with OFRA products.   Applying makeup to dry skin It is important to exfoliate and moisturize often especially before putting on makeup. Otherwise,...

Last Minute Halloween Inspiration

  Halloween is creeping around the corner. We’ve got some more inspo from popular Halloween looks we’ve seen all over the internet lately, brought to you by Kate and Mariel on Facebook Live this past Friday! Kates brought us the How To: Recreate Wonder Woman look to life and Mariel has some Beetle Juice inspired makeup going on.   There are a variety of products that can be useful in creating these looks and probably some you...

Fast and Flawless: Back to School Makeup Routine

  Fast and Flawless: Back to School Makeup Routine   Going back to school is either one of two things for students: dreaded or exciting.  Getting back into the routine of getting up early and sitting in class all day can be pretty torturous, and the best way to combat the monotony of a school routine is to create a routine that makes you want to pop right out of bed in the morning.  That...