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OFRA Blog — Fall 2018


7 Fall Essentials Recommended by Ofra

Last Friday, Ofra herself got pampered on Facebook Live while co-worker Daniela did her makeup with some of her current favorite products. Fall is all about the deeper colors we dream about using in the summertime, including rich berry, and earthy tones. We'll take this as an excuse to break into the bold and glam looks to match the season and the holiday season trailing right behind it. You can watch the Facebook Live here...

OFRA Favorites Inspired by Fall

Now it wouldn't be right if we didn’t start off the first day of Fall with some of our favorite OFRA products! While things are still pretty hot here in Florida, we’re sure everywhere else is seeing a change in weather so we will live through you all. The sun might be beaming but if we close our eyes for just a moment in our well-chilled office we can imagine the cozy sweatshirts (steal your...