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OFRA Blog — Kiwi Cleanser


Post-Holiday Skin Care

  Now that things are settling down from all the holiday cheer it's time for a skin refresh! If your days went anything like mine, where chocolate and candy were in constant rotation at work, and you couldn't stay away from the sweets whether baking for a holiday party or indulging in them, “no” was just not an option. Not to mention the drinks that were flowing and some nights of forgetting to remove all...

Do’s and Don’ts of Daily Skin Care Routines

  Now that we’ve transitioned from summer and soon into winter, it’s time to change up our skincare routine a bit. It’s about that time to rotate your moisturizer, toner and even cleanser as the seasons do too and while some may be oily year round others get drier skin as the temperature drops even breakouts and skin rashes! Like any other day, our personal hygiene routines are quite repetitive and usually don’t change much...

Q&A with Ofra

  Over the past couple of days we’ve been receiving questions from those who follow us on social media, of what they would want to ask Ofra- the President of OFRA Cosmetics- to get to know her better whether work related, or not. We took it to Facebook live to give some of the viewers a chance to ask questions as well. If you missed out on the live stream, we’ve recapped it all for...