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TALIAMAR's Full English Trio

THE LONDON COLLECTION Looking for a refreshing, new skin care routine? Then you're in the right place! Keep on reading to learn about our Vitamin C focused collab with Talia Mar. SAY HELLO TO TALIAMARS SKIN CARE The West End Micellar Water is perfect for any time of day. Use it when you wake up to wipe away any oils or residue that built up overnight. This will make sure your skin is prepped and...

Spring Trends: Part Two

Bringing it back to fashion week for all the newest in spring/summer trends, we're here with Part Two. Like we mentioned in Part One a lot of these designs showcase more than one trend so feel free to mix and match and get creative with your outfits and makeup! If you thought Part One had your favorite trend thus far, check these out below and then make your final decision:   Pastels/ Dusty Tones Spotted on the...

Spring Trends: Part One

Spring is here and we are loving all the trends fresh off the runway from New York, Milan and London Fashion Week. From makeup to hair, and of course, the accessories to support the whole collection of each designer showcased, we are all here for whats trending these warmer seasons. With so much to love we had to turn this into two segments, so here are just a few trends with more to soon come!  The American...