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AND IT IS HERE! The anniversary of our one and only Rodeo Drive Highlighter. It has already been three years since we released this beautiful cosmetic highlighter. This beaming shade is universally flattering, so be ready to glow like the sun, all day or night long! Since our rebrand a year ago, Rodeo Drive has been through it all with us. So listen up Beauties, we have something new coming for you… The Rodeo Drive...

Recreating Face Charts with the OFRA Team

Just one of the many other national holidays we’re loving- it’s National Creativity Day, and what better way to express ourselves creatively than with makeup! The OFRA Team took on a challenge of recreating face charts by the IG famous @milk1422 , known for creating beautiful and intricate face charts with makeup from the softest glam to the most colorful and bold looks. Check him out for yourself, maybe you’ll find some inspo like we...

Five Minutes to Flawless: Makeup for Moms On the Go

Moms know all about multitasking- it’s a big part of their everyday lives! Whether they’re working or stay-at-home moms, they always have their hands full with a million different responsibilities.  Makeup, of course, is not a priority of the long list of things to do, but putting on makeup in the morning is a nice way to take time out of the day that is solely for the purpose of pampering! Here’s a step-by-step routine...