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OFRA Blog — micellar water


TALIAMAR's Full English Trio

THE LONDON COLLECTION Looking for a refreshing, new skin care routine? Then you're in the right place! Keep on reading to learn about our Vitamin C focused collab with Talia Mar. SAY HELLO TO TALIAMARS SKIN CARE The West End Micellar Water is perfect for any time of day. Use it when you wake up to wipe away any oils or residue that built up overnight. This will make sure your skin is prepped and...

Taking on the New Year

  Every year we get sucked into the craze of the holidays and then decide we can make up for everything once the new year arrives. “A fresh start,” we tell ourselves, “this is my time!” and it very well can be if you push yourself to accomplish whatever goals and resolutions you set up for yourself. Some people go full throttle, wake up 5am, hit the gym for a work out, make their morning...

New Year, New Skin!

  The all-new OFRA skin care has just launched today, and we are excited to announce the new additions to the skin care fam. Our three new products include the Energizing Elixir, which is a prepping solution that recharges the skin, the Perfecting Elixir, which acts as a toner and micellar water, and the Cool as a Cucumber moisturizing and mattifying all-in-one primer. Each of which will be essential for maintaining hydrated skin through the...

What's New at OFRA

  What better way to bring in the new year than with new skincare from OFRA? You may have seen us sneak peeking these items on snapchat and Instagram asking what your thoughts were so we're here to spill the tea! It’s only fitting that we bring you the news on National Winter Skin Relief Day. As temps drop, skin care routines become even more personalized as many of us range from normal, to dry, to...